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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Late last year it started creating a big buzz around l before it was officially announced as many reported that it will be theirs last album together.One month after their single “Adventure of a Lifetime” from the latest album “A Head Full of Dreams” was released Coldplay finally released their 7th studio album on 4th December 2015.After not no successful last album “Ghost Stories”there was lot of expectation from the band and band don't disappoints to an extent.Yes,I know I am late by some days for posting my reviews and it was only yesterday I got hold of the album,all thanks to my buddy Raj(dude!!! You are popular now ). Better late than never,here it goes...

With the single 'Adventure of a lifetime ' already released,here is the entire track-list from the album
'A Head Full Of Dreams'
  • Amazing Day
  • Adventure Of A Lifetime
  • Birds
  • Hymn For The Weekend
  • Everglow
  • Fun
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Army Of One
  • Colour Spectrum
  • Up&Up
  • Head Full of Dreams
Its Coldplay and in just two minutes and 20 seconds into the opening, title track, the anthemic “oh-woah”, is there.Everglow,a piano ballad, surprisingly featuring Gwyneth Paltrow on backing vocals is quite good and worth listening.Fun(featuring Tove lo) is like Martins remembering good old times with Paltrow and is just another track.With Army of One,Martins gives little taste of R&B and its good.Kaleidoscope has an interlude featuring a Rumi poem followed up by a snippet of President Obama singing Amazing Grace (give it a listen for MR.PRESIDENT).Some good lyrics,flute loop,piano the lead single Adventure of a lifetime is funky.Featuring the diva Beyonce herself,the track really makes one hymn for the weekend.Birds sounded to ordinary,and then there is a short Colour Spectrum.Amazing Day is great and saving the best for the last featuring Noel Gallagher Up & Up, is a singalong that’s very hard to resist.
With the likes of 'Yellow','The Scientist' behind them I wont say this is Coldplay at its very best but definitely they sound really good and after 'Ghost Stories' is a very good comeback.
Though the album received mixed response from the critics around the world,I loved it and its worth listening for all music fan not only Coldplay loyal like me and on a scale of 10,I would rate it 7.5.
A poignant touch but by going by the rumors that it can be their last album,its hardly a stuff of dreams and all Coldplay fans wants a grand Good-bye id there is one(Who wants it,anyway???)

Must Listen: Up&Up,Amazing Day,Everglow

The whole review is of my own and may differ from people to people.
                                                      “VIVA LA VIDA”

Monday, November 30, 2015


          His heart, an extensive moorland,

          Low growing pines but abundant of hedgehog.

          When he detaches me from him;

          My solicitousness gets into wilderness.

           I see my wrinkles propagating,

           Outcome- a colossal river of poison and maliciousness.

           My soul fully drowned and drenched

           Effort to conquer those moss grown rock, goes futile

           Now to save my troubled, hungry and tired soul;

           I decide to abandon him.

           And strive for a cosmic playground…

           Excluding his shadow and soul.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

I am back again with a compilation of top videos that went viral this week along with the trends of Social Media.Here it goes....

1.Nawab of Najafgarh:After threatening every bowler and entertaining every cricket fan over a career that span for around 15 years,Virender Sehwag hang up his boot this week.What followed next was tributes for the Indian Batsman and here's one of them.

2.Adele:From rolling in the deep to making Skyfall,Adele is back again after 3 years with "Hello". Check it out here       

3.DDLJ:Its been 20 years since the movie was released and the lead pair of SRK-Kajol  are back again to win over our heart like they did 20 years back.
Check it out DDLJ:A Tribute
4.SRK @ Edinburg:One hardly can keep this guy out of news.Here he is presenting a inspirational talk at the University of Edinburg after his honorary Doctorate from the University.
5.Incredible India???: "Athiti Devo Bhava":Tourists are God but this shameful incident in Bangalore this week will provide you with of how we are actually treating our Athitis.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The world is moving really fast and in order to keep up in pace with it we have to move along with it.By doing so we get into a digital world created by burning our eyes over mobile phones or laptop screen and thus tending to lose contact with the real world around us.Like Thousands of family that are getting caught in this cobweb,our family is no exception.With every passing day getting hectic for everyone,anyone hardly had any time for some other or frankly speaking no time for oneself. Even on weekends which were earlier spent playing games like UNO,Ludo Antakshri to mention a few or watching a movie with the family are replaced by spending ample of time playing video games or watching a movie or a series over laptop.
It was one afternoon over the weekend when everyone where busy in their work silently,my Father spoke to broke the silence.He informed us that on the upcoming weekend we are going for a family picnic and he has invited our uncle and some of his friend families who are close to our family to join us.After hearing out the plan all of us got excited as everyone needed a break out of the daily remote life they were leading.Slowly as the week was passing by,the build up for the picnic was getting stronger with each day.Everyone in the house were planning something or other from bat,ball to football,badminton racquet's everything was finding its way.
Finally the day arrived and on an bright Saturday morning we left for a resort located around 200km from our place,all other people were supposed to reach the destination by themselves.We all meet near the gates of the resort and to my amazement everyone who was on the list showed up and we were a healthy group of 40 odd people.Located in the Midst of hills,the view from the resort left everyone of us awestruck and the itself was very big to explore with a big lake and few grounds to play.After checking in,while the elders went on to take a stroll around the resort,we made our away to play grounds.After trying our hands at every sports available for couple of hours,we all were very exhausted and hungry.When we reached the place where everyone was put up,we found that the preparation for the lunch was on and we forgetting all our tiredness enjoyed the cooking party.
After having stomach full of food cooked by ourself,we all sat down on the grass under shades.While some were busy discussing good old times,rest of us were busy playing games like Antakshri later to be joined by all.
Soon it was that time of the day that nobody wanted,it was time for pack-up.But before everyone left for their home,we all made a decision unanimously that we should plan such outing on more frequently as it was good way for everyone to escape from the world they are tired chasing.

For us Nature severed us as our escape and like itself who put together every element around,it helped us by bringing everyone of us together under her.

Like us who finally broke the shackles of digital world and enjoyed the real feeling of togetherness.Kissanpur calls all the people who are missing out on it to come and discover the joy of Real Togetherness.
Meet the joyous people of Kissanpur here

To know more about kissanpur and its people please visit http://www.kissanpur.com/.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The week gone is past memory and the weekend is here,its time to chill and party. So keeping up with the swing,of the weekend here is my compilation of the things that went viral or were trending over the entire week on the social media.

1. The Lalu-Effect:There is no doubt that this man is  the funniest thing ever happened to Indian politics and his comic has earned his hundred of fans including this fan.

2.With the Success of the recent web series like Baked,Pitchers and Permanent RoomMates,Yash Raj under its banner Y-Flims too enter into the race with Man's Worlds.With the success of its first series Y-Films are back with another series
"Bang Baaja Baraat" and the its get you up going ;)

3.Hate Story 3: The best  thing about the series was Pouli Dham and Gulshan Devaiah in Hate Story but God knows why are even continuing it or I should say stretching it.
Starring Sharman Joshi ,Karan Grover and two of  Sallu Bhai's protege Daisy Shah And Zarine khan.The Trailer gives up the entire plot with some glimpses of the scenes.
Was Indian Govt strategy to Ban Porn was an initiative to promote this kinda movie :D.
4.Imagine a Disney-Pixar Movie,we can relate to our childhood.A movie specific to India to that very extent that he have our very own super heroes like Hanuman in all different avatar.
If you had started imagining by now then stop and look down.

Moreover,you can follow the entire story at StoryPick

5.The trailer of Tamasha couldn't stand up to the hype it created and after everyone was looking forward to the music of the movie which is composed by the Maestro Rahman himself.With tracks like Matarghasti,Aur koi Hain,Safarnama the album does not stand as one of Rahman's best but definitely deserve a listen.
Check out the full album at Gaana.com.

6.Salman Mania: Even your father is Sallu fan.Check this video by TVF here.

Note:The list is based of my favorites,That i wanted to share with you all

Monday, September 21, 2015

Finishing his all important business meeting Samit was off to catch his flight from Munich to Delhi.After reaching the Airport he came to know that due to bad weather his flight has been delayed by couple of hours.

7.40 PM Munich International Airport,

With nothing much to do around he went inside the local BookShop.The Bookshop was small and was over crowded mostly with people whose flight has been delayed like Samit.After hoovering over couple of books Samit decided it would better he could find some place less crowded.When he was about to move out of the shop his eyes got fixed over a face.He was sure it was her,though he has not seen her in over 8 years he can never forget the face.All the moments  they spent together while in college flashed all over his eyes again and wasting no futher time he approached her.

Samit: Hey Garima!!!

Hearing her name Garima being called Garima turn around.

Garima(in Suprise): Sam...Samit!!!

Garima did not say a word more,all she could do was look at Samit.

Samit(Breaking the silence):Where had you been all this year and what are you doing in Munich? I was looking all over for you,why didn't you ever contact me?

Garima still didn't utter a word.

Samit caught hold of Garima's hand and said lets move out of these place,we need to talk. As he was about to move, a small boy of nearly 7 years came running towards Garima.

At first the boy reminded Samit of his very own childhood and how he use to look alot like him. The boy looked at Samit first and than spoke to Garima.

Boy:Mom,lets go I am feeling hungry.

Garima still standing quite,looking at Samit.

Boy:Mom...Mommm,I am hungry.Lets go.

8.30 PM,Munich Airport

(Announcement) All the passenger tavelling from Munich to London via Flight GE-100100 are requested to report.

Garima(freeing her hand from Samit): ''Only you could have shown this care back then,when you where high on Drugs and Alcohol,things would had been different'”.

Saying this Garima went away with her son leaving Samit behind and soon faded into the crowd.

8.30 PM,Munich Airport

(Announcement) All the passenger tavelling from Munich to Delhi via Flight GI-1110100 are requested to report.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

AAH!!! Its been a long time since I came up with a blog post.Being a slave of an IT MNC's is a big perk for itself i.e you are left with no self time :P. Call it my laziness but after burning my ASS-OFF over the weekays all I want to do on weekends is SLEEPING(Everyone has their right to good sleep :D).It was only last weekend when I managed to caught hold of myself and went out to hang out with some of my friends.It was in middle of one such conversation and one my friend came up saying that her father was to be transferred to ASSAM but she pleaded him not to.
Being from ASSAM myself I asked her for the reason why she was against her father transfer.She replied saying that its a very disturbed area full of naxals and other terrosists group and she don't want to risk her family's life. Her answer came as a bit suprise to me but not as a shocker because till now I am all used to answer all sorts of absurd question related to ASSAM.

For those who don't know about Assam,Let me tell you its one of the 8th states from the North-Eastern part of India.Its one of the largest producer of Tea(most probably the largest) and Petroleum in India along with other commodities.Now coming straight to the question,Is really Assam and other parts of North-east that disturbed that people from other parts are afraid to come over here????
Seriously one would have not asked this question if he/she had visit these places atleast once.
Yes I admit there has been news of bomb-blast,communal riots but to be frank which state don't have.If the news is to be taken from the last year I assure top 5 position will be taken by the likes of U.P,West Bengal,Jharkhand.

So,why this kolaveri di over Assam and North-East??? As per me the deep root cause of this problem is the negligence both from the Government an the Media.An ongoing example of this negligence is the Assam flood.When the entire state is under water the media is busy with some about some celebrity getting hitched with a college student or some other crap.The Government who kept no stone unturned to help Nepal over their Flood crisis is no where to be seen around, where as packages of crore are announced for sole motive of coming to power in some state same can't be said about the former.

Whose fault is this that entire North-East is been cut from the mainland India??? Every time people from NE are matter of questions,racism in their very own mother land. The day when someone could stand up and dare to answer this question,Assam along with the entire North-East will be part of India in a true sense.

For those who are still under any doubt over Assam and North East plan your next vacation there and trust me the doubt would never dare to cross your mind again. For me being from Assam,i am not going gag over the place but in true sense its a Paradise rather based on present situation I would say PARADISE MISPLACED.

North East India is a land where beauty is abundant. A place whose purity and untouched splendor will take you to a magical place like never before. It’s stunning landscapes will leave you in awe. From the natural wonders like the Living Root Bridge to amazing animals like the one horned rhino, North East India is a land of many gifts.

Here's a video that will take you the magical land of truly your's

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A month and couple of days past since Amish Tripathi's much waited book Scion of Ikshvaku released.First in the Ram Chandra series special edition of the book with the author's signature was available for pre-booking on Amazon for before its initial release.To the end of Amish's much acclaimed Shiva trilogy it was assume that his next book would based on The Mahabharta.The announcement that his next was based on The Ramayana was enough to make some scratch their head and making them wonder whats new in The Ramayan while others were excited to read Amish's version of the Epic.
Like most of the time I was waiting for my friend to buy the copy and would borrow from him and have a read but to my amaze I was able to get copy of the book for half of the price available on the web.
The Book opens with Ravaan abducting Sita in his quadcopter type Pushpaka Vimana and then takes us back to the battle of karachapa between Dasraath and Ravaana which results in the defeat of the former.With Dasraath blaming Ram for the defeat in the hands of Ravaana,the prince of Ayodhya had a hard and painful childhood. From completing his education and training along with his 3 brothers under rishi Vahsistha to his very first encounter with the King of Lanka over his charge to take over Mithila and finally marrying princess Sita.With Ram following the laws and punishing himself with 14 years of banishment into the forest along with sita and lakshman. Amish's version of the epic can be easily related to his previous book with the Nagas,Vayputras making a return.The Book ends with the introduction of Hanuman as a Naga and and with the dying words of another naga Jatayu.

For most of us who have grown up watching Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana,Amish's Scion of Iskhvaku comes with something untold and presents the epic in a rejuvanated manner.Though first book in the series opened up with mix review there's no stopping of the book in terms of sales.
With the book ending up in a high note after a big build up it will be exciting to see what the author comes up with next.
For those who are yet to big it a read here's a link to download the book                 Scion of ikshvaku Download.

                                Thank You and Happy Reading!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

                                                      “ Health is Wealth”
This one line proverb summarizes everything.Heath is the ultimate wealth one can have,as material wealth is temporary it is only our good health which stay with us in any bad or good circumstances.Our body is very important to us and we should take proper care of it and should feed with balanced diet.By balanced diet it means getting the right types and amounts of foods and drinks to supply nutrition and energy for maintaining body cells, tissues, and organs, and for supporting normal growth and development. Much emphasize lays on the word “balanced” the term simply means that a diet should meet your nutritional needs while not providing too much of any nutrients.We usually in order to get a good health over consumes stuff and thus finally ends up being the victim of obesity or pressure.

The world is moving very fast and in order to keep up with it we tend to move along with it.But by doing so we tends to give up of many things and our health being the very first on the list.To follow up with the pack schedule one generally skips regular meal and compromises with the junk food on the go.Be it having ice creams and smoothies on the name of summer or having deep fried pakkoda on a rainy day,we never tends to miss out on anything the not that good for us. Crash diet is another trend which is increasing on a alarming rate and is a matter of deep concern.For those who are unaware of Crash diet,its a weight-loss diet undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results. Crash diets carry both long and short term health risks. The most common short term risk is nutritional deficiency.When body go on a very low calorie crash diet, our vital organs can't get the energy they need to function, and the body begins to burn the tissues of heart, liver, kidneys, brain and other organs. In the long term, this can lead to heart attack also.

 The most important step to eating a balanced diet is to educate yourself about what your body needs, and to read the nutrition label and ingredients of all the food you eat.Although there are many campaigns to encourage the public to consume more fruits and vegetables and go for a simple and a heathy diet but most goes unnoticed.But now our very Dabur a trusted brand from decades, which has always betted for a heathier and fitter India has come with a unique concept/idea of HoneyDiet. Honeydiet provides a complete solution for a heathy diet ranging from health tips to heathy recipes,from consulting a dietitian to diet planner all under same roof and with easy to access with just few clicks.

A more can be learned about Dabur and its honey diet initiative at http://www.daburhoney.com/.

Till then

                                                 #Stay Fit Feel Young.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To start with the words of Great George Bernard Shaw as quoted ‘Cricket is game played by 11 fools and watched by 11000 fools’ .Though I would like to remove the fool tag from the quote it certainly comes true in the Indian subcontinent,where even a low profile match-up can bring life to a standstill for hours, depending on the format played.

Cricket in India has become a religion and all the players associated with it has gain a status which is nothing less than of a GOD.It would be no wrong if I would say here in India people are so passionate about cricket that hey eat cricket,drink cricket,talk cricket & sleep cricket.Edmund Blunden quoted “Cricket to us was more than play,It was a worship in the summer sun”.It brings us to a conclusion that Cricket in India runs in the blood of every Indian and we all follow it passionately like no other does.

Cricket is a force like no other in our country. It tempts us to skip work, postpone family get-togethers, bunk tuition, and sometimes even cancel a date. But sometimes this passion of ours for the game tends to miss us out on such thing that are equally or rather more important to us in life.Everyone wants to catch up with every bowl bowled,every run scored and there are many instances where a game of cricket has acted as a spoiler to many plans.Stopping by a local TV shop when out to get glimpses of the match or calling up a friend while to catch with the score while travelling.Digital media tends to play important role and with the internet on the go following the game has become much easier.Though searching over internet can become a pain in the ass sometime,there are several sites that follows up with the game with a single click.But that's not it,though it gives access to game but are mostly not able to keep up with the original game eg. India has won the game and its still showing 10 runs required of 11 balls. To elimate such jargon and and make people updated with the scores as it happens UCWeb, a leading provider of mobile internet software technology and services has embedded UC Cricket with its most popular application UC Browser.With easy to use UC Cricket provides with plently of features like Live Scores with auto update,Fixture & Result,Latest News and Videos.

So if you are missing out on the live action then UC Browser is the ultimate solution,to download UC Browser visit the link http://www.ucweb.com/ . Witness the game of Cricket like never before with UC Cricket on UC Browser.

Now lets see what our very own Yuvi has to say about UC Browser and UC Cricket. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Always overshadowed by his female counterpart in terms of Love and affection,always looked up as stern and a person with less emotional,where alot has been said about the sacfrice a mother makes all his effort goes unnoticed most of the times and yet he never complains.If a mother is the pillar that holds the family strong from the root,father is the roof that protects the family no matter which time of the season it is.From holding his child's little finger and make him/her take his very first step into the world to help him/her face their biggest scare with courage. Like a Pole star that holds the distiction of guiding travellers towards their destination by pointig out the directions,a father is that guiding light that help us to explore every aspect of our journey in life.I feel pity for the likes of Superman and Spiderman because for every child the biggest superhero he/she has in their life is their father and its no different case for me as well.In a world full of decievement,he is the only person who stands tall among all and have always managed to find a solution to all my problems in the most simple way.From scoldings to punishments(yes,I have seen worst of all) to some arguments over a common interest his eyes always does the trick and had been saying it aloud that son that this thing you have done is wrong and you should not repeat it again.A man with a big heart who hardly says no to anyone asking for any help whether it was going away from his comfort zone,he always taught me no matter what you do in your life but try to be good person first rest all are things are secondary.I remember an instance(i guess will do it till my last)it was time I leave my hometown to report for my job in Bangalore,my entire family came to see me off to the station and just when I was about to onboard the train my father hugged me tightly and said,I rightly quote it “This is it,you are a man of your own,this marks the fresh start of your journey .You have always made me proud and I have no doubt you will always do in the future also.Good Luck!.”This words were straight from his heart and are so fresh that it seemed that he spoked it to me just now.

Your father has been there with you, through every crucial moment of your life. Whether it was coming back from work, tired, but still excited to see you walk. He counseled you when you were unsure which college to join. He insisted on picking you up from the party that ended late at night. He made up stories so that you would sleep peacefully while suffering from the flu.They say a Father’s love is like that much needed dash of salt in our food. Without his love, we may not be able to appreciate all the good things we have in our lives.

On this specific occasion of Father's day I would like to express my heartiest THANK YOU to my Papa for all the little things he did for me and give him a tight hug for everything and make a promise that I'll do my very best to be a person you want me to be.And yes its also #WORLDMUSICDAY today and here's a musical tribute to every Father in the world with this evergreen number.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When the name Bengaluru or Bangalore(its upto one but i'll stick with the later one) comes to one's mind,the very first image it creates of BIG Tech park with a sea of Software Engineer burning their Ass off and Big malls and yeah beautiful Girlss too(All men are the same :D).With riding over hectic schedule and literally no time for oneself (excluding lazy weekends) this first impression laysout perfect picture of Bangalore.For most of the people in Bangalore which is ofcourse kicdhi(delicious when served hot with Ghee and pickle :P) of people from all over India,the real Bangalore is rightly the Pubs and the Malls where they can hangout with friends,shake some legs with pint of chilled beer,an escape from their everyday life.But somewhere down lies a Real Bangalore,a place away from all the city glitters but still standing tall among all.

Heard a lot about the Famous Avenue Road in bangalore where one can buy old and new Books for a cheaper rate.Being a voracious by myself, I always wanted to visit it once and finally the day came.With my mobile fully charged and my new JBL headphones tugged into my jeans (ultimate saviour in Bangalore's traffic) I along with my DADU Akash set on something we called Bangalore ki Galliyaan....

We took a Bus from my place i.e. Near The Leela Place to Cauvery Bhavana,it took us a little more than 25 minutes to reach our destination and rest everything can be summarised with photos.                                                                                                                                                                                     


The Busy streets of KR Market.

From the essence of different spices to the smell of fruits(especially Mango) to the aroma of Ranjnigandha flowers.Its a place the makes one remember his native place and the markets around there(if there are not from other big cities).Aways from thebig towers for a moment it take away the feeling of being in Bangalore.

From tasting the special KOKAM SODA(I have no idea what was it but it didn't taste bad) to finding Akash's favourite Biscuit(which he tasted ages before) to suprisingly finding a TANGA(Horse driven ride) in Bangalore,it was one nice experience.

After this we headed to Avenue Road,dubbed as Reader's Paradise the place sticks to its tag.One can find vendors selling all sort off books from novels to educational related You name it and they have it.


                                          "BOOKS and BOOKS Everywhere."

After end of the day we ended up In McDonald's enjoy our favourite diluted Pepsi and "WE WERE LOVING IT."

Thursday, April 30, 2015

                   Can A Boy and Girl be friends??? I mean JUST FRIENDS....

A question that raises many eyebrows and according to a survey when people around 70 percent were in denial mode,10 percent said Yes and the rest 20 percent had no fucking idea as they hardly had any friend from the opposite sex.A society where for girls having friends from other gender is consider to be a taboo or be it a Bollywood movie that has never sticked to the tag of Just Friends and annoying always make one fall for his/her best friend. The Indian education system is always in a denial that there is actually a problem of communication between genders and schools and college's are the places where one gets ridicule because of casual conversations with girls.There is no justification over why such scenario prevails even though we live in 21st century as most of the time the seed is cultivated in one's childhood,as every child gets addressed regarding the type of friends he/she should make.

I don't know if anybody goes by my thinking(Actually I don't care,everyone have their own presence of mind) that if not main its definitely one of the main reason for the growing number of rape cases in India.From their early childhood,boys may grow up into men being indifferent, hostile and inconsiderate towards women and girls into a women being paranoid, disgusted and perhaps even suspicion of every men.Its gets into one's psyche permanently and what it can possibly leads to is one thing everyone knows.Everyone has their own right to mingle with that person with whom he/she feels comfortable and it should not be discriminated based on one's gender because finally what matter the most is one's very own mindset.

Its my blog and definitely my say matter the most and now coming on personal experience I admit Yes,we can be Just friends,not only friend but BEST friend and it really feels great to have really good friends from both the genders and to share everything under the Sun with them without any restriction.Yes,I do agree sometimes it becames difficult to stick into being only friends with that particular someone but its just a phase because

Monday, April 6, 2015

Though there have been many incidents in my life when I had listened to my heart and done something without thinking too much with my head , but one incident  that stands out and has brought immense pleasure to my mind and soul, so I feel the need to share with you all about this incident.

I live in Guwahati , a developing city in Assam while my girl friend hails from a hilly and also the largest  district of Assam called  Karbi Anglong. This place called Karbi Anglong  is a beautiful scenic district and the beauty of this place can easily mesmerize anyone. But the problems the whole of  North East is facing from decades  are numerous, biggest of them is negligence  from  Center i.e the Government and the other being  the problem of terrorism .

It was only last year in December when I was talking with  my girlfriend over phone at around  8 in the morning. Suddenly I got the news  about her father being kidnapped by an unidentified  gunmen while her father has gone out early in the morning for a walk  with his friends. I felt tremors  through my whole body as I could not believe what I was hearing . Though I could never see tears from my girlfriend eyes,  it was very painful hearing her cry.It was only two long days later  the gunmen called and demanded  extortion money from the family and asked them not to dare to inform the police otherwise her father  would be killed. My girlfriend belonged to a middle class family and for them to collect such a huge amount  within three days was not possible. I wanted to help her but I too was a victim of engineering being jobless at that time. Meanwhile the situation at her  home was getting worsen and I knew I can not sit back like this. I had to do something as quickly as possible.So I decided to follow my heart and started to  borrow money from everyone possible and to my surprise I was successful in collecting a good amount within hours. I was also tense whether I will be able to return the money I have borrowed from them but it was a risk I had to take. I gave this amount to  her family and after a week her father was released by the unidentified gunmen.The entire family thanked me but for me seeing my girlfriend smiling all over again with tears of happiness rolling down from sparkling eyes and thanking me even without saying a word was a picturesque moment.

I have never felt so good in my whole life after helping her during that tough moment of her life. Sometimes following your heart without worrying too much about the consequences thus help.I am also thankful to those who gave money to me even though they knew I was jobless at that time. Thankfully by God's grace now I have a job and I have successfully returned almost all the amount  I have taken from them.

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”