We Are Infinite.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

City lights, oh how they shine,

Illuminating the streets and skies,

A sea of sparks, a sight divine,

In the heart of the metropolis lies.

The neon signs, a bright display,

A symbol of the city's might,

Electric energy on display,

That shines so bright throughout the night.

The sounds of cars, a symphony,

A busy buzz, a rhythm so fine,

The city's pace, a constant energy,

That keeps us going all the time.

Amidst the hustle, the city sleeps,

Its people rest, before they rise,

To conquer their dreams, and make them realities,

With the city lights as their guiding eyes.

So let the city lights shine on,

As we make our way through the night,

A beacon of hope, a ray of dawn,

A symbol of progress, and of life.