We Are Infinite.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Room No.:21
Electronics and Telecom Engg. (5th Sem)
Rajendra Prasad College of Engineering

Aarav: Hey Sumit, What are you up to? something worth sharing?
Sumit(scrolling his Phone): No man..nothing as such just changing my facebook DP.
Aarav: Van Persie, Di Caprio, so what’s next? Why don’t you put up a DP of yourself?
Sumit: Please Aarav, We are not going over it again. By the way, isn’t this Control Systems Class where the heck is Professor Sharma?
Mrinal:  Hey Guys...Professor Sharma is out today, so is Professor Pathak, there will be no Digital processing too.
Aarav: Yayyy!!! I will go back to the hostel and take a power nap. Anyways where are the other guys, how come they knew it beforehand?
Mrinal: Everyone was here until now when Informed them.
Sumit: So All back to the hostel?
Mrinal: No man The First year are in, so all of them have flocked down to Room No. 09. Even I am going there, You guys joining?
Aarav: Yes we are, C’mon Sumit lets Roast some Chickens.
Sumit: You guys carry on, I need to go to the library, moreover I don’t have any interest in all this stuff anymore.
Aarav: Are you again high on that Robin Sharma stuff?
Sumit: No man, I need to reissue a book or the Hitler Librarian will start up with his gyaan.
Mrinal: C’mon Sumit won't take long and you can go to the library after that.
Sumit: Ok ok… Chalo
Aarav: That’s my bouy!!! It's Roast Time…

Room No.: 09
Electronics and Telecom Engg. (1st Sem)
Rajendra Prasad College of Engineering

Aarav: Hey Ravi, How’s the roast going on?
Ravi: Dumb as Fuck, the guy you see in the corner, he cried with the highest flow of water. Rohan just asked him whether he had a Girlfriend or not.
Aarav: Kids these guys, I wonder what he would have done if he underwent what we had too. You must know it better right Sumit? Sumit? Are you listening to me?
Sumit: Yes I am, By the way, what’s up with the guy at the corner?
Aarav: Are you serious? Ravi told about it just now. Are you Day Dreaming or something? Wait I think I do know what are up to here...
Sumit: Oh!!! You definitely do Mr.Sherlock.
Aarav: Definitely Yes, Mrs Hudson.
Sumit: Shut up! I am leaving for the library.
Aarav: Hold on a second Mr Romeo don’t you want to know her name. Hey Rishi come over here (Aarav calling out to a junior)
Rishi: Yes, Bhaiya
Aarav: Who's that girl? Sumit Bhaiya ka Dil aah gaya hain uspe…
Sumit: What the fuck are you doing you moron? I´m out of it…
Rishi: Her name is Sayantani Ghosh.
Aarav: And?
Rishi: That’s all I know.
Aarav: What a useless shit. I want you to get all the details about her and puke it out to me in the hostel.
Rishi(scarily): Yes Bhaiya.

Meanwhile, Sumit(standing still, gazing the girl standing far right with a corner of his eyes) Sayantani seems to be the most beautiful name one can come up with for the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

P.S.: If you have made it till here you are either my best friend or skipped everything on top and landed directly here or less likely you are at gun point made to read it. 
This is the 1st in the Series that I would be writing over coming days. Please drop by next week to read the 2nd part in the series.