We Are Infinite.

Friday, February 17, 2017

8.30 AM, Sunday,Akash's House
Phone Ringing…
After struggling to find the phone Akash was finally able to catch hold of it.
Akash(sleepy  tone): Hellooo…
Bhoomi: Hello Akash, It's Bhoomi here… Sorry to disturb you early on a Sunday morning.
Akash(now sitting on his bed ): No problem.. Good morning to you
Bhoomi: Good Morning…Vidya asked me to remind you that we have to go to office today as there are few new urgent requirements.
Akash: We? She asked me to work on it she never mentioned of you.
Bhoomi: At what time you will be in office?
Akash: 11.30.. will that be fine?
Bhoomi: 11.30???
Akash: Ok will try to reach by 10.30.
Bhoomi: No, I mean 11.30 will be too early…Its my Sunday too… will 1:30 be fine with you?
Akash: 1:30 done
Bhoomi: Cool..Chalo see you in office bye…
Akash: B-bye…
Akash and Bhoomi are working in the same  project for little over a year but it was last few months only they were working closely with each other over some new assignment.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Go talk to her , You Ass!!!, said Mrinal for the millionth time to Rahul.

Rahul: You know I won’t so stop nagging about it.
Mrinal: Why on Earth you won’t? You have been following her from the very  first day you saw her in college and its been 2 years, you have not spoken a single word with her, get some balls dude!
Rahul: I actually have two, anyways I did speak to her, actually she did.
Mrinal: When and how come I don’t know about it?
Rahul: It was last month during the college festival. On my way back to hostel we crossed path and she checked whether some event have started yet?
Mrinal: What do you say?
Rahul: What do you expect me to say??? I said you must hurry up its about to start.
Mrinal(excited): See that means She knows you, now you should definitely approach her.
Rahul:  Facebook Messenger doesn’t agree with you, my friend.
Mrinal: Chuck Facebook, come out of your virtual world dude.
Rahul: Not making fool of me anymore.
Mrinal: Useless saying you anything.