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Monday, April 6, 2015

Love Unconditionally!!!

Though there have been many incidents in my life when I had listened to my heart and done something without thinking too much with my head , but one incident  that stands out and has brought immense pleasure to my mind and soul, so I feel the need to share with you all about this incident.

I live in Guwahati , a developing city in Assam while my girl friend hails from a hilly and also the largest  district of Assam called  Karbi Anglong. This place called Karbi Anglong  is a beautiful scenic district and the beauty of this place can easily mesmerize anyone. But the problems the whole of  North East is facing from decades  are numerous, biggest of them is negligence  from  Center i.e the Government and the other being  the problem of terrorism .

It was only last year in December when I was talking with  my girlfriend over phone at around  8 in the morning. Suddenly I got the news  about her father being kidnapped by an unidentified  gunmen while her father has gone out early in the morning for a walk  with his friends. I felt tremors  through my whole body as I could not believe what I was hearing . Though I could never see tears from my girlfriend eyes,  it was very painful hearing her cry.It was only two long days later  the gunmen called and demanded  extortion money from the family and asked them not to dare to inform the police otherwise her father  would be killed. My girlfriend belonged to a middle class family and for them to collect such a huge amount  within three days was not possible. I wanted to help her but I too was a victim of engineering being jobless at that time. Meanwhile the situation at her  home was getting worsen and I knew I can not sit back like this. I had to do something as quickly as possible.So I decided to follow my heart and started to  borrow money from everyone possible and to my surprise I was successful in collecting a good amount within hours. I was also tense whether I will be able to return the money I have borrowed from them but it was a risk I had to take. I gave this amount to  her family and after a week her father was released by the unidentified gunmen.The entire family thanked me but for me seeing my girlfriend smiling all over again with tears of happiness rolling down from sparkling eyes and thanking me even without saying a word was a picturesque moment.

I have never felt so good in my whole life after helping her during that tough moment of her life. Sometimes following your heart without worrying too much about the consequences thus help.I am also thankful to those who gave money to me even though they knew I was jobless at that time. Thankfully by God's grace now I have a job and I have successfully returned almost all the amount  I have taken from them.

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