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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Last Line....

Finishing his all important business meeting Samit was off to catch his flight from Munich to Delhi.After reaching the Airport he came to know that due to bad weather his flight has been delayed by couple of hours.

7.40 PM Munich International Airport,

With nothing much to do around he went inside the local BookShop.The Bookshop was small and was over crowded mostly with people whose flight has been delayed like Samit.After hoovering over couple of books Samit decided it would better he could find some place less crowded.When he was about to move out of the shop his eyes got fixed over a face.He was sure it was her,though he has not seen her in over 8 years he can never forget the face.All the moments  they spent together while in college flashed all over his eyes again and wasting no futher time he approached her.

Samit: Hey Garima!!!

Hearing her name Garima being called Garima turn around.

Garima(in Suprise): Sam...Samit!!!

Garima did not say a word more,all she could do was look at Samit.

Samit(Breaking the silence):Where had you been all this year and what are you doing in Munich? I was looking all over for you,why didn't you ever contact me?

Garima still didn't utter a word.

Samit caught hold of Garima's hand and said lets move out of these place,we need to talk. As he was about to move, a small boy of nearly 7 years came running towards Garima.

At first the boy reminded Samit of his very own childhood and how he use to look alot like him. The boy looked at Samit first and than spoke to Garima.

Boy:Mom,lets go I am feeling hungry.

Garima still standing quite,looking at Samit.

Boy:Mom...Mommm,I am hungry.Lets go.

8.30 PM,Munich Airport

(Announcement) All the passenger tavelling from Munich to London via Flight GE-100100 are requested to report.

Garima(freeing her hand from Samit): ''Only you could have shown this care back then,when you where high on Drugs and Alcohol,things would had been different'”.

Saying this Garima went away with her son leaving Samit behind and soon faded into the crowd.

8.30 PM,Munich Airport

(Announcement) All the passenger tavelling from Munich to Delhi via Flight GI-1110100 are requested to report.