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Sunday, September 20, 2015

PARADISE MISPLACED:Assam and North East India

AAH!!! Its been a long time since I came up with a blog post.Being a slave of an IT MNC's is a big perk for itself i.e you are left with no self time :P. Call it my laziness but after burning my ASS-OFF over the weekays all I want to do on weekends is SLEEPING(Everyone has their right to good sleep :D).It was only last weekend when I managed to caught hold of myself and went out to hang out with some of my friends.It was in middle of one such conversation and one my friend came up saying that her father was to be transferred to ASSAM but she pleaded him not to.
Being from ASSAM myself I asked her for the reason why she was against her father transfer.She replied saying that its a very disturbed area full of naxals and other terrosists group and she don't want to risk her family's life. Her answer came as a bit suprise to me but not as a shocker because till now I am all used to answer all sorts of absurd question related to ASSAM.

For those who don't know about Assam,Let me tell you its one of the 8th states from the North-Eastern part of India.Its one of the largest producer of Tea(most probably the largest) and Petroleum in India along with other commodities.Now coming straight to the question,Is really Assam and other parts of North-east that disturbed that people from other parts are afraid to come over here????
Seriously one would have not asked this question if he/she had visit these places atleast once.
Yes I admit there has been news of bomb-blast,communal riots but to be frank which state don't have.If the news is to be taken from the last year I assure top 5 position will be taken by the likes of U.P,West Bengal,Jharkhand.

So,why this kolaveri di over Assam and North-East??? As per me the deep root cause of this problem is the negligence both from the Government an the Media.An ongoing example of this negligence is the Assam flood.When the entire state is under water the media is busy with some about some celebrity getting hitched with a college student or some other crap.The Government who kept no stone unturned to help Nepal over their Flood crisis is no where to be seen around, where as packages of crore are announced for sole motive of coming to power in some state same can't be said about the former.

Whose fault is this that entire North-East is been cut from the mainland India??? Every time people from NE are matter of questions,racism in their very own mother land. The day when someone could stand up and dare to answer this question,Assam along with the entire North-East will be part of India in a true sense.

For those who are still under any doubt over Assam and North East plan your next vacation there and trust me the doubt would never dare to cross your mind again. For me being from Assam,i am not going gag over the place but in true sense its a Paradise rather based on present situation I would say PARADISE MISPLACED.

North East India is a land where beauty is abundant. A place whose purity and untouched splendor will take you to a magical place like never before. It’s stunning landscapes will leave you in awe. From the natural wonders like the Living Root Bridge to amazing animals like the one horned rhino, North East India is a land of many gifts.

Here's a video that will take you the magical land of truly your's