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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our very own Superman!!!!


Always overshadowed by his female counterpart in terms of Love and affection,always looked up as stern and a person with less emotional,where alot has been said about the sacfrice a mother makes all his effort goes unnoticed most of the times and yet he never complains.If a mother is the pillar that holds the family strong from the root,father is the roof that protects the family no matter which time of the season it is.From holding his child's little finger and make him/her take his very first step into the world to help him/her face their biggest scare with courage. Like a Pole star that holds the distiction of guiding travellers towards their destination by pointig out the directions,a father is that guiding light that help us to explore every aspect of our journey in life.I feel pity for the likes of Superman and Spiderman because for every child the biggest superhero he/she has in their life is their father and its no different case for me as well.In a world full of decievement,he is the only person who stands tall among all and have always managed to find a solution to all my problems in the most simple way.From scoldings to punishments(yes,I have seen worst of all) to some arguments over a common interest his eyes always does the trick and had been saying it aloud that son that this thing you have done is wrong and you should not repeat it again.A man with a big heart who hardly says no to anyone asking for any help whether it was going away from his comfort zone,he always taught me no matter what you do in your life but try to be good person first rest all are things are secondary.I remember an instance(i guess will do it till my last)it was time I leave my hometown to report for my job in Bangalore,my entire family came to see me off to the station and just when I was about to onboard the train my father hugged me tightly and said,I rightly quote it “This is it,you are a man of your own,this marks the fresh start of your journey .You have always made me proud and I have no doubt you will always do in the future also.Good Luck!.”This words were straight from his heart and are so fresh that it seemed that he spoked it to me just now.

Your father has been there with you, through every crucial moment of your life. Whether it was coming back from work, tired, but still excited to see you walk. He counseled you when you were unsure which college to join. He insisted on picking you up from the party that ended late at night. He made up stories so that you would sleep peacefully while suffering from the flu.They say a Father’s love is like that much needed dash of salt in our food. Without his love, we may not be able to appreciate all the good things we have in our lives.

On this specific occasion of Father's day I would like to express my heartiest THANK YOU to my Papa for all the little things he did for me and give him a tight hug for everything and make a promise that I'll do my very best to be a person you want me to be.And yes its also #WORLDMUSICDAY today and here's a musical tribute to every Father in the world with this evergreen number.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”