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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cricket:The UC way....

To start with the words of Great George Bernard Shaw as quoted ‘Cricket is game played by 11 fools and watched by 11000 fools’ .Though I would like to remove the fool tag from the quote it certainly comes true in the Indian subcontinent,where even a low profile match-up can bring life to a standstill for hours, depending on the format played.

Cricket in India has become a religion and all the players associated with it has gain a status which is nothing less than of a GOD.It would be no wrong if I would say here in India people are so passionate about cricket that hey eat cricket,drink cricket,talk cricket & sleep cricket.Edmund Blunden quoted “Cricket to us was more than play,It was a worship in the summer sun”.It brings us to a conclusion that Cricket in India runs in the blood of every Indian and we all follow it passionately like no other does.

Cricket is a force like no other in our country. It tempts us to skip work, postpone family get-togethers, bunk tuition, and sometimes even cancel a date. But sometimes this passion of ours for the game tends to miss us out on such thing that are equally or rather more important to us in life.Everyone wants to catch up with every bowl bowled,every run scored and there are many instances where a game of cricket has acted as a spoiler to many plans.Stopping by a local TV shop when out to get glimpses of the match or calling up a friend while to catch with the score while travelling.Digital media tends to play important role and with the internet on the go following the game has become much easier.Though searching over internet can become a pain in the ass sometime,there are several sites that follows up with the game with a single click.But that's not it,though it gives access to game but are mostly not able to keep up with the original game eg. India has won the game and its still showing 10 runs required of 11 balls. To elimate such jargon and and make people updated with the scores as it happens UCWeb, a leading provider of mobile internet software technology and services has embedded UC Cricket with its most popular application UC Browser.With easy to use UC Cricket provides with plently of features like Live Scores with auto update,Fixture & Result,Latest News and Videos.

So if you are missing out on the live action then UC Browser is the ultimate solution,to download UC Browser visit the link http://www.ucweb.com/ . Witness the game of Cricket like never before with UC Cricket on UC Browser.

Now lets see what our very own Yuvi has to say about UC Browser and UC Cricket.