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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bangalore Diaries 1.0: Into the City

When the name Bengaluru or Bangalore(its upto one but i'll stick with the later one) comes to one's mind,the very first image it creates of BIG Tech park with a sea of Software Engineer burning their Ass off and Big malls and yeah beautiful Girlss too(All men are the same :D).With riding over hectic schedule and literally no time for oneself (excluding lazy weekends) this first impression laysout perfect picture of Bangalore.For most of the people in Bangalore which is ofcourse kicdhi(delicious when served hot with Ghee and pickle :P) of people from all over India,the real Bangalore is rightly the Pubs and the Malls where they can hangout with friends,shake some legs with pint of chilled beer,an escape from their everyday life.But somewhere down lies a Real Bangalore,a place away from all the city glitters but still standing tall among all.

Heard a lot about the Famous Avenue Road in bangalore where one can buy old and new Books for a cheaper rate.Being a voracious by myself, I always wanted to visit it once and finally the day came.With my mobile fully charged and my new JBL headphones tugged into my jeans (ultimate saviour in Bangalore's traffic) I along with my DADU Akash set on something we called Bangalore ki Galliyaan....

We took a Bus from my place i.e. Near The Leela Place to Cauvery Bhavana,it took us a little more than 25 minutes to reach our destination and rest everything can be summarised with photos.                                                                                                                                                                                     


The Busy streets of KR Market.

From the essence of different spices to the smell of fruits(especially Mango) to the aroma of Ranjnigandha flowers.Its a place the makes one remember his native place and the markets around there(if there are not from other big cities).Aways from thebig towers for a moment it take away the feeling of being in Bangalore.

From tasting the special KOKAM SODA(I have no idea what was it but it didn't taste bad) to finding Akash's favourite Biscuit(which he tasted ages before) to suprisingly finding a TANGA(Horse driven ride) in Bangalore,it was one nice experience.

After this we headed to Avenue Road,dubbed as Reader's Paradise the place sticks to its tag.One can find vendors selling all sort off books from novels to educational related You name it and they have it.


                                          "BOOKS and BOOKS Everywhere."

After end of the day we ended up In McDonald's enjoy our favourite diluted Pepsi and "WE WERE LOVING IT."