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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Review Coldplay's New Adventure - A Head Full of Dreams..

Late last year it started creating a big buzz around l before it was officially announced as many reported that it will be theirs last album together.One month after their single “Adventure of a Lifetime” from the latest album “A Head Full of Dreams” was released Coldplay finally released their 7th studio album on 4th December 2015.After not no successful last album “Ghost Stories”there was lot of expectation from the band and band don't disappoints to an extent.Yes,I know I am late by some days for posting my reviews and it was only yesterday I got hold of the album,all thanks to my buddy Raj(dude!!! You are popular now ). Better late than never,here it goes...

With the single 'Adventure of a lifetime ' already released,here is the entire track-list from the album
'A Head Full Of Dreams'
  • Amazing Day
  • Adventure Of A Lifetime
  • Birds
  • Hymn For The Weekend
  • Everglow
  • Fun
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Army Of One
  • Colour Spectrum
  • Up&Up
  • Head Full of Dreams
Its Coldplay and in just two minutes and 20 seconds into the opening, title track, the anthemic “oh-woah”, is there.Everglow,a piano ballad, surprisingly featuring Gwyneth Paltrow on backing vocals is quite good and worth listening.Fun(featuring Tove lo) is like Martins remembering good old times with Paltrow and is just another track.With Army of One,Martins gives little taste of R&B and its good.Kaleidoscope has an interlude featuring a Rumi poem followed up by a snippet of President Obama singing Amazing Grace (give it a listen for MR.PRESIDENT).Some good lyrics,flute loop,piano the lead single Adventure of a lifetime is funky.Featuring the diva Beyonce herself,the track really makes one hymn for the weekend.Birds sounded to ordinary,and then there is a short Colour Spectrum.Amazing Day is great and saving the best for the last featuring Noel Gallagher Up & Up, is a singalong that’s very hard to resist.
With the likes of 'Yellow','The Scientist' behind them I wont say this is Coldplay at its very best but definitely they sound really good and after 'Ghost Stories' is a very good comeback.
Though the album received mixed response from the critics around the world,I loved it and its worth listening for all music fan not only Coldplay loyal like me and on a scale of 10,I would rate it 7.5.
A poignant touch but by going by the rumors that it can be their last album,its hardly a stuff of dreams and all Coldplay fans wants a grand Good-bye id there is one(Who wants it,anyway???)

Must Listen: Up&Up,Amazing Day,Everglow

The whole review is of my own and may differ from people to people.
                                                      “VIVA LA VIDA”