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Thursday, April 30, 2015

FriendZoned:A Boy,A girl.....

                   Can A Boy and Girl be friends??? I mean JUST FRIENDS....

A question that raises many eyebrows and according to a survey when people around 70 percent were in denial mode,10 percent said Yes and the rest 20 percent had no fucking idea as they hardly had any friend from the opposite sex.A society where for girls having friends from other gender is consider to be a taboo or be it a Bollywood movie that has never sticked to the tag of Just Friends and annoying always make one fall for his/her best friend. The Indian education system is always in a denial that there is actually a problem of communication between genders and schools and college's are the places where one gets ridicule because of casual conversations with girls.There is no justification over why such scenario prevails even though we live in 21st century as most of the time the seed is cultivated in one's childhood,as every child gets addressed regarding the type of friends he/she should make.

I don't know if anybody goes by my thinking(Actually I don't care,everyone have their own presence of mind) that if not main its definitely one of the main reason for the growing number of rape cases in India.From their early childhood,boys may grow up into men being indifferent, hostile and inconsiderate towards women and girls into a women being paranoid, disgusted and perhaps even suspicion of every men.Its gets into one's psyche permanently and what it can possibly leads to is one thing everyone knows.Everyone has their own right to mingle with that person with whom he/she feels comfortable and it should not be discriminated based on one's gender because finally what matter the most is one's very own mindset.

Its my blog and definitely my say matter the most and now coming on personal experience I admit Yes,we can be Just friends,not only friend but BEST friend and it really feels great to have really good friends from both the genders and to share everything under the Sun with them without any restriction.Yes,I do agree sometimes it becames difficult to stick into being only friends with that particular someone but its just a phase because