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Saturday, February 15, 2014

When parents were teen!!!!!!!!

This article is not about my parents,your or anyone else parents,its that I could not come out with a good and interesting title so this funny one struck.Few days back I was going through an article in THE TIMES OF INDIA ,it was about teen migrating to newer social networking sites like twitter,instagram from facebook and they called it THE LEVIS EFFECT. The title was suprisingly catching and Levis???? isnt it a fashion brand and how its connected to social networking migration.The article was based on the reports that in 2013 twitter took over facebook as the largest social networking site and how teens mostly ageing between 18-19 years are massly attracted towards other sites. The report says that in 2012 the average age of the people login to facebook was 18 but in 2013 it jumped shockinlgy to 31.Its that now a days most parents are taking the help of facebook to monitor over their lads and thus this increase in number is forcing their children to opt. for other alternative.Most of the analyst compare this situation to what exactly happened with jeans. During the 80's when jeans were introduced into market it became a craze, a hit among the teens,wearing a levis jeans was cool and was a style statement in itself.Slowly as years rolled wearing jeans were not cool anymore.Parents and their children all started using it,jeans which were once exclusive to the boys and girls were now used by their parents too.Thus to come up with something unique teens started looking for alternative like the shorts,cargos etc.Now the same thing is happening again but in a digitised manner.
Though badly framed but I guess it wont stop you in sharing it...........
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