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Monday, March 23, 2015

                              “There is no sincere love than the love of food”.
                                                                                                   -GB Shaw

Morning kicks off one's day and a healthy breakfast is an idle approach to a day.Breakfast is considered an important meal because it breaks the overnight fasting period, replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.Breakfast makes the biggest impact on your health; it is true medicine.Yet between 10-30% of people skip breakfast, with older adolescents and girls most likely to do so.Some do it in order to keep pace with the fast running world,some avoid it to remain slim fit and lose weight and in doing so they tend to have a negative impact on their health.Study proves that skipping breakfast, can actually make weight control more difficult. Breakfast skippers tend to eat more food than usual at the next meal, or nibble on high-calorie snacks to stave off hunger.So a good breakfast is a must for everyone.

India is a very vast country with diversity and with different region,people tends to develop different taste.From idli dosa in  the South,Hot parathas in the North to Rice in the East,different families in different region have their own menu.It was only last week,when I was on a trip to Delhi and while strolling in a local market there I came across Mr.Gupta.Guptaji used to be our neighbor in our hometown,but an official transfer made him to move to Delhi along with his family.When guptaji came to know I was in city for some more days he asked me to visit his house.He said everyone will be happy to see me after such long time and invited me for breakfast the next day.Having been to the Guptas several time will in our hometown and knowing how good Mrs.Gupta cooks,its a offer hardly one can miss.Next day I reached Guptaji's house at around 8.30 AM,everyone was expecting me and was very happy to see me and inquired about my family back home.While Mrs.Gupta was busy preparing breakfast for us,I was busy sharing some light moments with Guptaji's two kids(a girl and a boy) who seemed to grow up very fast since I had seen them.Soon it was time for breakfast and we all moved on the dinning table,from hot parathas to sandwiches the whole table was full.though there was enough food on the table but the one which seemed to caught my attention the most was Walnut Cornflakes Chocó balls.A perfect combination of Kellogg's cornflakes,chocolates and walnut,it was my favorite Mrs.Gupta dish.I was happy on having them once again but I one thing that made me more happy was that even after so much time she still remembers my taste.It was a wonderful breakfast most probably the best in recent times.After the Breakfast I thanked Guptaji and his family for the breakfast and invited them to visit us back at home some time soon and finally bid them goodbye.

I was lucky to get an invitation from Guptaji and enjoy such delicious breakfast and I hope that I manage to get one more soon and for those who don't share my good luck ;) there is something good to look up.All of Mrs.Gupta's delicious recipe including my favorite Walnut Cornflakes Chocó balls can be easily accessed at https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta.

                                             Walnut Cornflakes Chocó balls

Its not only me but everyone who have tasted Mrs.Gupta delicious breakfast recipe made with Kellogg's once always tends to find an excuse to visit Guptaji.

Meet the family and people who wants to join them over breakfast here https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia or watch it

                          Toh Aap kab ja rahe ho Guptaji ki family se milne!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Be happy,keep smiling and live better and longer.A person's mood plays a very important role in one's life and a happy person seems to be more successful person than others.But the definition of Happiness differ from person to person,some find happiness in small things and for some nothing suffice to make them happy.

Hostel life happens to be fun (at least in my case),its a journey from adolescence to manhood and seems to teach a lot about life.As everything comes with price tag and it seems no other exception.Leaving one's very own heavenly abode i.e home to start on a life defining journey is one heavy price to pay.Though some lucky ones has the privileged of both staying at home and studying but I am sure they all know what are giving up on ;). Hostel mess food is own of its kind and is famous to very extent that it may be the biggest factor every hosteler commits suicide :D.So one very important thing every hosteler misses the most about home is mom cooked food and my case is no other.Every semester seems like an age and counting down days to get back home seemed a routine affair.Happiness is reaching home and seeing one's family after long semester and finally gulping down home food till burped it up.With mouthful of happiness each and every bite seems to be the first.

Everyone wants being back at home and enjoy home made food and its the happiest moment for them.But in our day to day life we find many small instance which provides handful of happiness.Happiness for me is every other thing that can bring smile on the face of my loved ones be it teasing my little sister and afterwards sharing a chocolate with her or playing with my small 2 year old cousin or speaking to an old friend after long time.

Happiness is anything that brings a smile to your face! It's about adding a dose of refreshment, brightness & cheer to the lives of people who love it and from decades Coca-Cola has done more than enough in successfully bringing smile to thousand of faces and opening up happiness.Be it with family,friends or any other person a lot can be shared over a bottle of coke And this beautiful ad by Coca-Cola speaks up for happiness of its own.
Watch it here
                                or follow the link http://CokeURL.com/96jnc

Being happy is core to life and lays foundation to a successful and prosperous life and a happy person is a motivated In the words of his Holiness Dalai Lama “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions”. So we must craft our action in such a manner that it should not only tends to make us happy but also the world around us.

                           #Openuphappiness #Happyme #Happyworld

Friday, March 20, 2015

We live in a Democracy and our very own Constitution gives us very right to express ourself.A hell lot of things is going on these days from BBC's documentary on Nirbhaya Rape Case,Beef-Ban in Indian States,an elderly Nun Raped to a FB post mentioning UP minister Azam Khan resulting to jail.With the Indian government banning India's Daughter,a lot has been discussed over the future of Internet in India.With large number of sites(including porn sites and whistle-blower Savakku's site :p) getting banned, a lot has been criticized over Indian government's stand regarding the Internet censorship issue and a heavy comparison is drawn with China's policy.
With Internet spreading its wing slowly and steadily in India,social networking and blogging seems to be catching up.A blog seems to provide a ideal platform for one to open up his mind and share his/her views and make it available to the mass.Be it a FB post,a 140 character tweet or a much evaluated blog everyone has its own way or right to express and open up.But to many dismay one have to think hundreds of time before posting something over the World Wide web because one never know how would other take it.Number of cases from the shiv seniks bursting into a girl's house who questioned late Shiva Sena's Supremo Bal Thackerays status over internet to the very recent jailing of a 19 years old student over a post has been rising very rapidly.On one hand where the Government is speaking very highly over its Digital India Initiative its handling of the sensitive issue has a very different story to tell.Internet has become a very important tool and blogging has become a great medium to share views but with current situation there is certainly a hint of fear in a blogger's mind when one thinks to air his/her views on the policies of the government or related stuff as you never know when there will be a backlash.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The race to become a Super Power is on and everyone country wants to join the Elite Super Power Club.India,considered to be the next big thing and is all set to join the elite club very soon along with the likes USA,Russia,China to mention a few.World-class Infrastructure,better roadways,high literacy rate,technological advancement,strong army strength(to mention a few) and number of nukes one posses determines a country's bid to be a superpower.Another factor which plays a important role in it is Internet and the country's Digital presence.Now a days with the evolution of Internet everything is going Digital and to an extent its helping making many thing more accessible and very easily available.Internet user in USA,consider to be the most powerful country in the world is around 83% whereas in India its merely 15%. Though India is steadily progressing at other aspect going Digital is one area to needs to be look down or monitor very closely and respective step should be taken on its behalf.As per 2013 according to World bank nearly about 68% of Indian population lives in Rural part.In places were one hardly have electricity and water to drink,the word Internet and the concept of digitalization seems alienated.India post independence is struggling in these prospect and major concern of all the previous government was to improve other primary needs and Internet was not to be found even in the secondary need list.But in recent times things seems to change a bit,with the new BJP government in power.By proving his mettle as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and providing free Wi-fi and 24*7 electricity to every corner of the state,Sri Narendra Modi sits at the helm of Indian Government now.One major problem every Indian faces is the opacity in different department and schemes of the Indian Government.In this fast running world where even a second counts,a whole day is wasted running from one government office to another in order to do some simple paperwork done.Taking all problems faced by general Indian citizen in mind,our prime minister Narendra Modi came up with a revised concept of E-Governance and Digital India.
Everyone has their own right to information and a well informed citizen lays the foundation of a growth prospective state.E-Governance is likely to be the best tool for it as it seeks to lay the foundation and provide the impetus for long-term growth within the country.E-Governance act as a medium in bringing both the government and citizen close to each other. Through E-Governance, government services are made available to citizens in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner.E-governance in India is core to Indian Government's plan in creating a Digitally enable India and providing information to every Indian at its fingertip.Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. It aims at ensuring the government services are made available to citizens electronically by reducing paperwork. The initiative also includes plan to connect rural areas with high-speed Internet networks. Digital India has three core components. These include creation of digital infrastructure, delivering services digitally and digital literacy.The scheme is monitored and controlled by the Digital India Advisory group and is chaired by the Ministry of Communications and IT.Along with the government,many private players have also shown their interest in the initiative and are looking forward to be a part of it.Some work is done and with BBNL(a government agency) all set to connect 25000 villages with fast broadband by 2017 ,a lot more work is to be done.Though the initiative is facing many problems on the line of lack of legal framework, absence of privacy and data protection laws,civil liberties abuse possibilities,lack of parliamentary oversight for e-surveillance in India,lack of intelligence related reforms in India,insecure Indian cyberspace,etc the Government stands firm at its initiative and look forward in completing it by 2019.Moreover Indian Government has asked every Indian to be a part of this initiative and provide their valuable suggestions and feedbacks on it.More can be learned about it on http://digitalindiamib.com/ and at https://mygov.in/ .
Technology has a very important say in fulfilling a country's full potential and a country's development is directly proportional to technological development.Be it E-governance or Digital India initiative when consider from a technical prospective  heavily depends on technology any technological limitation may hamper this initiative and the goal may not be full achieved.Intel a very well known name,which is one of the biggest and top technology firm has come forward with helping hands and is fully committed in creating a digitally enabled India and is trying to come up with path breaking innovations and programs like ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India' to boost its bid for it.More can be learned about Intel and its other programs at http://www.intel.in/ .

                                #DigitalIndia is #ProgressiveIndia and #BetterIndia
stats and info courtsey:Wikipedia,World bank portal,Indian Govt.portals

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Michael J. Fox quoted that “Family is not an important thing. It's everything”.
From the birth of a child to his last day as an old man on his death day a person is surrounded by his family.A Family acts as a building block in a person's life and plays a major impact in determining what kind of person he will become.People come and go but family stays,one's family is the only real thing he has and rest all are materialistic.They will be out there sharing our joy and  happiness and sharing our pain in the time of difficulties.Everyone loves his family and every family member has a story to tell and  a lesson to teach about life.Like everyone else I too have a family and I love them very much.Though each and everyday spent with family is a special one,I remember an instance rather say a long conversation with my grandfather which got me so involved in it and became so close to my heart that I remember each and every word vividly till now and I guess will do it till my last breath.It was in 13th January 2009(Yes,I remember the date exactly),I was busy
preparing for my 12th board exams which was due sometime in Mid march.With the pressure of upcoming board exams and engineering entrance exam rising every passing day I was totally cut off from my family.Gone were the days when I used to sit with the whole family over a cup of evening tea and everyone used to discuss how's everyones day was but now coaching,mock test,late night study and the day pass by.It was at night soon after dinner my grandfather came to my room,he was inquiring about my studies and how were my preparation going.I assured him that everything was on course and I hope to secure good marks in the exam,he seemed more than happy.After some light talk he hesitantly asked he if I can lend him some time as he has something to tell me.I was very happy at it as I too needed some break from studies and he started by narrating a story rather his own story.He told that he was never a good student rather a below average student and studies never seemed appealing to him.He used to find every small reason to neglect it and finally after passing his 12th exam he left his study and joined his father business.At first everything seemed fine but soon he felt no interest in the family business.With less education he could not find a good job either that could satisfy him and moreover he could not stick to a work for long time.Seeing his condition his father offered him to set up him a business of his own.In sometime his business took off and soon he got married and had a son (my father),though he had no interest in the business,he had no option left with all the responsibility of the family upon him.Forty years later here he is saying this to me because leaving his study early was a big mistake that took him away from his dreams.Though he was happy with his family but giving up on his dream was one thing that really hurts him till now and he had repented it everyday and will do it till his last.It was around midnight when he ended his story and advising me to give my very best for the exam.Finally he reached out his kurta and took out a pen and handed it to me and then he apologies for taking my time for which I replied it was a moral booster for me and thanked him for his words and wished him goodnight.
My grandfather expired in January 2012 but I know where ever he is now he will be looking at me and blessing me.The conversation that I had with him and the pen that he gave me that night will always stay with me and will always be close to my heart.
A family is an eternal part of one's life and it always help him to be an optimist and move forward in life.Likewise Housing believes in the inimitable power of optimism and moving forward with it.As they say most times, it's the company that matters more than the advice, and that is the power of being #together! and Housing seems to follow it from their core value and always tend to move along together in the beautiful journey called Life.A more can be learned about housing and its initiative in making life more beautiful and happier at https://housing.com/.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

                                                 “Life is not a bed of Roses”
This above line states that life is full of ups and downs.As they say after rain comes sunshine and at each and every step we confront difficulties but overcoming all the difficulties is what we called life.Life is all about decision making,as no men is perfect some decision may go right,some wrong.Learning from our mistake rather than crying over it and taking lesson forward is the best way to lead a life.In life we tend to come at such situation where we need to take a strong stand and move forward with it.In 2009,I too came at such instance where I was needed to make a decision and after 5 years here I am feeling relieved that I made that.After Class 12 whats next???this is the question that looms over lakhs of student every year and my case was no different.For me after taking Computer Science as an optional subject in Class 11 and 12,medical was way out of equation,secondly I did not want to go for normal graduation,so lastly I was left with only one choice Engineering(More or less I always wanted it).Began the season of competitive exams and being an average student I never considered IIT as my cup of tea,all I wanted was a government engineering college.Soon after exams the results were announced and even though I cleared the cut-off it was not enough for making it to an engineering college.Most of my friends opted for private engineering college after paying lakhs in donation,but I always wanted a government college.Every year lakhs of students drop one year,some even two preparing for engineering entrance and I too decided the same.It was a very tough decision for me because to the society I belonged it was an alienated concept.All sort of question were looming over and making a decision seemed a distant friend.After loosing some sleep over,it was time to make the tough call and finally I decided to take a year break and prepare hard for the entrances next year.Coaching,assignment,mock-test and the year passed in a swift leaving no time back to look at it.Come April 2010 come the season of the exams,IIT-JEE,AIEEE and many more, even though the exams were good but it never seemed satisfactory.In May,one after another results were announced and even though I could not make it to the big IIT or NIT,I managed to get admission in Electronic dept. of a state government run engg.college. The day of admission seemed to be the the happiest day of my life not because I was in a govt.college but because of the decision that I made the previous year had finally paid off.
Though for someone it may not seen to be a hard decision to make,but I am not that someone.Its the circumstance that makes a decision easy or tough.A decision which may seem the easiest for someone may be the decision of life for someone else.
Change signifies that we're moving forward, living better, and giving ourselves the chance to be the best we can possibly be.A good change is a always a step forward may it be moving away from home to live by own, the first house bought with own hard-earned money, moving cities to chase dreams, or moving away to leave the past behind.And Housing.com(https://housing.com/.)is all about change and moving forward in right direction.More can be learned about housing.com from this wonderful video of their.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

India is a country where you first become Engineer  and then decide what next to do in life,the same happened with me.A First Class Bachelor Degree in Engineering from a state run Government College wasn't enough for me to land up a decent on campus job.With the ever rising competition it was very tough for an average student like me to crack any government exams and make it to the big PSU and higher education was definitely not in my cards for at least now.Sitting Idle at home after having a degree in Engineering is considered to be a taboo in Indian society and my case was no different as I was another victim of it.With every passing day from relatives to neighbors everyone had a say over my future,some showing concern and with rest all seeming sarcasm.With all this going around,life seemed dull with no ray of hope and frustration was at its peak.So like most students(esp.engineering background),I packed my bag and headed towards “The Silicon Valley of India” i.e. Bangalore.With IT companies all around it seemed that its a matter of time I would be working for any one of them.It was then when I was hit by a harsh reality of life.One Interview after another,with days turning into weeks and weeks into months and all I had was disappointment.Days from my past were coming back to haunt me when my relatives were constantly pressurizing me to take up CA as career option as according to them its hard to get a decent job after engineering now a days and here I am an unemployed engineer.And when I was running all out of hope on 16th October 2014 I received a Hall ticket from AMCAT to attend Accenture Interview which was to be held in VIT chennai and too add over it I already had 2 interviews schedule in Bangalore on 18th itself.So I was in big dilemma whether to attend 2 interview in Bangalore itself or go to chennai.So after making up my mind I decided to go Chennai and try my luck out there.I started on my journey from SBC railway station on 17th at 2pm and was expected to reach Chennai Central by 9pm but due to on going maintenance work on the railway track I finally got off the train at around 2 am with Chennai bathing in heavy rain.All I need after such hectic journey was some sound sleep before the interview and so I decided to look some room in the railway dormitory.With all trains delayed and heavy rain outside all the rooms of the dormitory were occupied.It was already 3 in the morning,so I decided to stay on the station for few hours.After battling for 3 hours with sleep at 6am I changed into my formal suits and started for VIT Chennai for my Interview.It was still raining Cats and Dogs in chennai and with no idea about the mode of transportation in Chennai,I decided to take an Auto direct to the venue.The heavy rain provided the auto drivers a golden chance to charge as much as they can from the by passers.After bargaining with almost a dozen of auto walas,I came to know that they were not my cup of tea and I should look after some other way.The rain was falling down heavily and with 1.30 hour left for my reporting at 8 am I decided to move on in the rain.After struggling to get any direction and after all drenched up in rain, I managed to catch a local train and thus finally reaching VIT at 7.45 am. After reaching I was like WTF!!! there were around 2000 aspirants all dress up tidily waiting to be part of a MNC to kick-start their career and there was I all soaked in rain.The registration started at around 8.30 and after that extra 30 mins were provided.Being hungry as hell,I managed to have a bowl of Maggi after waiting long in a queue.Finally the Procedure started and we were divided in a batch of five.At around 11 am after waiting for 1 hour very impatiently,we were called in the interview hall.The interview panel only consisted of 2 person and they asked us to sit according the number provided to us at the time of registration.Finally after formal intro the interview started with everyone of us shouting over voice in order to draw to draw the attention of the interviewer.The interview lasted for 1 hour and we were asked to leave and then starts an eternal wait for the results.We were asked to wait in the seminar hall for the announcement of the results after waiting for 1 more long hour the HR came and announced the name of the student selected and my name was not in it.I complete broke down and was about to leave with tears about to roll down,the HR asked us to wait few more mins as more results were awaited,another ray of hope.After 15 mins the HR again came and announced a set of names and my name not there too.When I was cursing my luck of not making it,the HR said that this students should leave as they could not make it and suddenly I was happy of not making into the list.After another 15 mins the HR was announcing another sets of names,with uncertainty at its peak I was not sure whether to expect my name in the list or  not.Amit Ray,Yes!!! she called my name and with all kind of uncertainty in my mind I confirmed whether it was really me by asking her my DOB and yes it was me.After calling out all the name the HR was silent,leaving all of us in complete dismay and all I could sense was nervousness in the air with around 1000 students anxiously waiting for their faith to be decided.

                                   “WELCOME TO ACCENTURE”
With these line the HR broke her silence and the room erupted in a cheer with me along with others don't know how to react.The rest 10 mins were all formalities regarding any queries and OL,but the tears of joy were already out.

No Rose without a Throne,life is full of ups and downs and we must be strong at our lowest time because this hard time prepare us for the future.Being optimist and taking every aspect of life as a lesson prepare us for future.I took a gamble and went to Chennai and it paid off,no matter the road was not easy but it was worth it.
I found my moment of joy in my first job selection while some find it in the laughter of their children, in the excitement on his/her pet's face when one get back after a long day, and in the smile of loved ones when one go back home after months of being away.Everyone wants to have their own house but for some its the only motive of their life,their sole dream and for that someone and many more Housing.com lays the perfect foundation stone.For all those who shares the same dream can have look at https://housing.com/lookup for more details.

Lastly,I can say is that optimism can be found all around,all we have to look for it and with strong determination try to craft our dream into reality.