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Friday, May 9, 2014

Aah!!! its hardly three weeks for my final exams and no matter what comes next I will be an engineer after that for sure.reading was not my cup of tea though I read Chetan Bhagat,Ravindra Singh and few others long back.It was until I join engineering and with not much to do,i took up reading seriously and thus opening myself to a world of fiction,fantasy,realism and all other things.It was in june 2012 when one of my friend told me about a book called Chankaya's Chant,busy with the shiva trilogy it dint created much impact on me.Over with the secrets of the Nagas,i asked the same friend of mine if he has some good novel with him and he gave me the Chanakya's Chant and thus beginning of an epic journey with the Indian Dan Brown.Before I started with the book I did my part of research on the author Ashwin Sanghi. He graduated with a BA (Economics) from St. Xavier’s College and earned an MBA from the Yale School of Management.He was already the author of an Indian best selling book The Rozabal Line,which he wrote in 2007 under his pseudonym Shawn Haigins. But what excited me the most about him was his area of writing which was largely based on historical, theological and mythological themes and being a history buff by myself I could not asked for more.The book deals with the life of Chankya and Gangasagar Mishra,haunted by their past ,the book unfold their epic journey and how they manage to become a king-maker.The book preys on greed, venality and sexual deviance that brings out the best of both the men. The book was quick to have an impact on me and I went looking for his other book and thankfully I managed to find his latest released of the every year 2012 itself The Krishna Key. It is an anthropological thriller and his third novel after The Rozabal Line(the last of his novel that I read) and Chankya's Chant.The book follows a history professor that has to prove his innocence against a murder charge and solving the prolonging puzzle of the Krishna Key.Alongside a present day story the book portrayed Krishna in a "perfectly grey character" along with his ruling policies and treasures,the book also deals with the lost city of Dwarka,Of Taj Mahal being a Shiva temple.The book was again an Indian National best seller and finding its comparison with Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.Being a not so famous author in 2012,I was not able to find his first book The Rozabal Line with any of my friend and I could not go for the hard copy all by myself,as I am always sort of cash. Finally after some searching on Mr.Google,who has the answer for everything I managed to find an Epub version of it and what's next,I was back to business again.A thriller fiction it deals with the subject of Jesus having survived the crucifixion and having settled down in India and how in a strife-torn Kashmir, a tomb called Rozabal holds the key to a riddle that arises in Jerusalem and gets answered at Vaishno Devi.It also spoke about an ultra-elite group of twelve commandos, similar to the Deccan Mujahideen,their formation and sole purpose.The book drew lots of similarties from Da Vinci's Code and was one hell of a page turner that moved with some serious pace and takes you across every continent.
In 2013, Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson announced that they will be co-writing an India-based thriller within Patterson's "Private" series.The novel is on the verge of completion and is slated for a release on 21 July 2014.With just three novels old and the fourth one on the line,Ashwin Sanghi has managed to become one of my favorite writers. If stuffs from Dan Brown and similar interests you then trust me with the books like The Rozabal Line and The Krishna key this Dan brown from India will not disappoint you,rather will blow you out of your mind. So if you are looking for some interesting book to read this summer,your search ends here.