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Friday, December 30, 2016

It’s been very long time since I blogged last and here I am with the very last blog of the year and what’s better than blogging about a HEXA-tastic event. Last week I attend the  Pre Launch (Bangalore Phase) of TATA Motors brand new car TATA HEXA. When I got an invite for the #hexaexperience (which it is called) from Indiblogger, I was quick to register as it was only  meant for 100 people. This event was for three continuous day, i.e. from 23-25 Dec,2016 and I got the pass for 24th December.Unlike any other Indi-Blogger event where the agenda is already disclosed this had none. With no idea about how the event will shape up, it got me very much excited.  There  was no time mentioned on the indi-pass for the event and with the venue being White Orchid Convention Hall ,Manyata Tech Park which is around 22 KM from my place I  decided to start early and reached the venue at 12.45PM(damn you! bangalore traffic).

Thursday, September 22, 2016

In 2008 when Rock on released it made buzz for every good reason. Great screenplay, Great cast and most importantly one hell of music album. Shankar-Eshan-Loy  didn’t pitch a single note incorrectly and with Farhan Akhtar, the singer, the discovery of the first Rock On's soundtrack

The teaser trailer of Rock On was released roughly 2 weeks back and it got many exited. Though many were looking forward to the many, I was looking forward for the music much more than anything. With Rock On already raising the par so high nothing less was expected from Rock On 2 album. 

The full Rock On 2 album was released today with ‘Jaago’ one of the track from the album already released 5 days back. So how good is the album? Does it make the cut or float away across the universe resting in the darkness along with the  other numbers.

Here's a song-by-song music review of Rock On 2's soundtrack which was released today  (September 21) . For all your question to be answer, Let the music play.
Singers: Farhan Akhtar, Siddharth Mahadevan
Released before the album launch fades in comparison to Rock On’s title song.  Nothing is in sync in the song with Farhan Akhtar's voice a terrible mess.Though it has an  interesting djent section, with Sheldon D’Silva’s bass and the drums which is sadly,

Udja Re
Singer: Shraddha Kapoor

Udja Re  is electronic rock which is a reminiscent of some U2 style melody along with 90’s electronic and trip hop bands. Shankar Mahadevan's voice, albeit filtered, only adds to the awesomeness of the song. Shraddha kapoor nails this one down.

You Know What I Mean
Singer: Farhan Akhtar

You know what I mean is  nothing like a perfect sequel to Socha hai and Pichle saat dinon mein. Farhan’s gruffy vocals is just manageable with nothing new to offer.

Manzar Naya
Singer: Farhan Akhtar

With great lyrics, whistling and serene acoustic guitar in the background Manzar Naya is a breezy folksy tune. Farhan Akhtar did a decent job but only one can wonder what would singer like KK have done to this wonderful composition.

Tere Mere Dil
Singer: Shraddha Kapoor

Tere Mere Dil, another solo song from Shraddha, after Udja Re, again falls under the electronic rock category. Very pop in its aesthetic, with Shraddha’s vocals along and the vibrant musicscape,Tere Mere Dil is a breath of fresh air.

Woh Jahaan
Singers: Shraddha Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar

A power ballad, Woh Jahaan is a very interesting song. The sarod is a great addition to the song. Farhan's voice is a great complement to Shraddha's in Woh Jahaan and perhaps, this is the one time, Farhan's voice does not take over the song. The composition is so superlative that Farhan and Shraddha's vocals, along with the instrumentation and the arrangements, are subservient to the song as a whole. A great guitar solo makes an appearance and it’s treat .

How Kiw/Chalo Chalo
Singers: Usha Uthup, Kit Shangpliang and Pynsuklin Syiemiong

What a lovely number! Partly in Khasi, partly in Hindi, this song is all energy. How Kiw/Chalo Chalo, a motivational number, starts off as a folk song and soon segues into rock territory. Summersault vocalist Kit Shangpliang along with Pynsuklin Syiemiong sing in Khasi while Usha sings in Hindi, and the trio form a great team. This one has repeat value, ladies and gents.

Ishq Mastana 
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan and Digvijay Singh Pariyar

Ishq mastana is Mirzya-style, with a hypnotic Ahir Bhairav’ish tune that Shankar and Digvijay Singh Pariyar handle brilliantly.Meant for background score, the song is the closest thing to a 'Bollywood' song which is another way to say this cannot be called a rock song. Complete with dhol, tabla, guitar and drums, Ishq Mastana is a song some would called desi rock, the kind that happens in Coke Studio. Nothing spectacular in itself, Ishq Mastana will purely perform a functionary role in the film.

Though Sharadha Kapoor had some small stint in singing with Ek Villian and Baaghi but with  Rock On 2 the girl is going to bowl everyone over. Melodious composition of Javed Shaheb’s beautiful word by the trio. With Farhan Akthar being the weak link the whole album can be summed up as average.

Best Songs: How Kiw/Chalo Chalo, Tere Mere Dil and Udja Re

Dissapointing,not even close to Rock On(The Album)
Rating: 2.5/5


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Still from Brahman Naman

Recently Brahman Naman became the first Indian movie to be released on Netflix worldwide. Though the movie created a hype over its NetFlix release but for some of us it was more than that. The movie deals with the life and depressation of Naman, a very engangered species called Quizzers.

With the realease of Brahman Naman,let us know or say be englinghten about this rare species 'QUIZZER'

Who Cares???
Does it matter to you how the creators of Batman chose the name Bruce Wayne for him when you are engrossed watching the epic trilogy by Nolan?
Do you know whom did Steve Jobs make his first call using the iPhone during its release ceremony when you’re busy making your own calls with the newest version of iPhone?
Do you even care whose words are those that are inscribed on your favorite Nike T-shirt?
Was Imtiaz Ali's  much acclaimed movie Highway, just only a love story? 
Obviously, you don’t,most of them don't,why should anyone do???

The only species on the face of earth who not only pay attention to such things but whose lives revolve around such information and trivia are Quizzers. While many college flicks have been made on the prodigy singer, dancer and debater, quizzers have hardly been bestowed upon such privilege. And hence there is a sense of mystery that surrounds a quizzer. Who are they? Where they come from? So how do you spot one when you see one,are they more rarer than than the POKEMON?
Here is a guide to know the ‘Know-it-alls’.
  1. Brought up on encyclopedia, wedded to trivia and sleeping with Wikipedia, quizzers kick off their days with newspapers for breakfast. But they don’t read the front page news or the long and boring editorials but instead scrounge the newspapers for trivia that no normal being will notice. But a quizzer will, for he knows someone somewhere will pick that trivia and turn into a quiz question. And obviously that someone will be no one else but another quizzer.
  2. You know a guy is a quizzer when his classmates have nicknamed him ‘Wikipedia’. Yes, that’s the standard nickname every quizzer earns invariably across all colleges across all universities. However, the irony is no quizzer likes this ‘honour’ of being called Wikipedia for only he knows how the misinformation and wrong facts on the website has let him down in quizzes.
  3. No matter where they are, in a Metro or at a McDonald’s or in your college corridor, you know you’re listening to two quizzers speaking when the whole conversation is laced with Bro, do you know this one…? or Dude, Did you know…?
  4. Quizzers are hard to be found in the classrooms. Thanks to the booming quizzing scene in Delhi where almost every college festival has a quiz as a marquee event , a quizzer’s life in university is incomplete if he hasn’t breathed in the air of all the colleges in the city.
  5. Courtesy quizzes, these people traverse from one girls’ college to another like a boss. Hell, they even get to enter college fests without passes. Getting jealous? Huh? Now here’s the catch. This is a Sheldon Cooper-ish breed and the colleges their friends would bribe to enter, they simply go there, win quizzes, collect their prize and come back home to prepare for the next quiz.
  6. Quizzers have an interesting social life. You know you’re visiting a quizzer’s Facebook profile when the number of quiz and trivia pages liked is 5 times the number of friends in his or her friend list. Their news feed reads more like a question paper waiting to be solved. Besides, an average quizzer’s smartphone is hardly used for phone calls and messages. Instead its stashed with books, quizzes and THAT app called QuizUp.
  7. So what’s the motivation behind gulping facts, crunching dates and memorizing the most random of trivia? Well if any quizzer answers to that question with anything other than the word money, or its synonyms, DON’T BELIEVE HIM. Glory and knowledge kept aside, every quizzer loves the quick bucks that quizzing brings.
  8. These encyclopedia guzzlers are also among the most misunderstood people in this world, thanks to a certain septuagenarian who goes by the name Amitabh Bacchan! Due to his show KBC, the whole world around quizzers thinks that quizzing at university level is just another MCQ ka paper. Oh please!
  9. The most common advice that every non quizzer has to give to a quizzer is – Arre Dude KBC me try kar na! – NEVER do that. And there is one more – Arre waah what ‘GK’ man! You toh will crack UPSC with ease! Du’h!
  10. The range of things that they know and can talk about is envious. A quizzer has this unique ability to talk about books that he hasn’t read, movies that he hasn’t watched, places that he hasn’t visited all with elan, because HE KNOWS STUFF. They always have so much new information to pepper you with that you never get bored in their company. So make sure you have a quizzer friend in your college life.
P. S – Bruce Wayne’s first name came from Robert Bruce, the Scottish patriot. Wayne, being a playboy, was a man of gentry. While his second name came from Anthony Wayne who was a United States Army officer, statesman whose military exploits and fiery personality quickly earned him promotion to brigadier general and the sobriquet Mad Anthony.

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs took out the yet to be released iPhone and dialed a Starbucks in San Francisco. Good morning! answered the polite voice of employee Ying Hang “Hannah” Zhang. How may I help you?
Yes, I’d like to order 4,000 Lattes to go, please. Jobs said, grinning. No, just kidding. Wrong number. Goodbye!

The famous Nike slogan came from a spree killer Gary Gilmore, who received the death penalty in 1976. When the firing squad asked Gilmore if he had any last words, he simply said Let’s do it. When Dan Wieden of Wieden+Kennedy was tapped to create a tagline for Nike a decade later, something about Gilmore’s words just seemed to fit. “Let’s” was changed to “Just”.

Highway was not even a love story it was based on psychological phenomenon called Stockholm syndrome.

P.P.S – Because a quizzer never signs off without a dose of trivia. ;)

P.P.P.S-The article is a taken from the original published in InternShala Blog by Amit Sinha.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Our smile is really important for us because it is a huge part of individual appearance. Having a perfect jaw line and perfect teeth help in the creation of that attractive smile everyone wants. When teeth are discolored, missing, damaged or crooked, personality is negatively affected.

General dentistry will focus on gum and tooth health. Cosmetic dentistry will focus on various procedures that improve tooth appearance. When you visit the cosmetic dentist you take a huge step towards having a perfect smile. The main reason why you really want to visit such a specialist is that you gain the possibility of having a smile that is full and really attractive. Everyone wants this. 

Cosmetic dentistry involves many different interesting procedures and advantages that can be mentioned. We will only mention those that are really common. Most people will visit the cosmetic dentist with the purpose of getting the following done. 

Replacing Missing Teeth
When gaps are present between teeth or there are teeth that are missing, cosmetic dentists help restore the natural appearance so that smiles are improved. Many dental restoration and reconstruction procedures exist at the moment. For instance, we can mention dental bridges, dental implants, dental crowns and dentures. They all drastically help in improving a patient’s facial appearance. 

Teeth Whitening
This is the preferred procedure when teeth are discolored because of stains or aging. Tooth whitening is done by the cosmetic dentist by bleaching teeth until natural color appears. Many other whitening procedures exist but this is the common one because of the low costs and great results that appear. 

Straightening Crooked Teeth
Many treatments are available for those that need to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. A really popular option is using braces. They are of different types. Some are actually close to invisible and made out of plastic. Porcelain veneers are also considered in some cases. Dentists basically choose based on the exact status of the tooth. 

Restoring Damaged Teeth
People that have discolored, chipped or cracked teeth will go to the cosmetic dentist. He will use various options like porcelain veneers in order to enhance appearance and cover damage. Dental crowns will offer a tooth restoration result that is natural looking. The option is perfect for decayed teeth or teeth that are badly broken. 

Reshaping Teeth
The cosmetic dentist can reshape teeth by modifying length with the use of dental veneers. Color, shape and size can be chosen by the patient based on personal wishes. The procedure is normally painless and much faster than what many believe. To make matters even more interesting, different techniques can be utilized to reshape worn down, oddly shaped or pointy teeth.

In conclusion, cosmetic dentistry is really important these days for our appearance. It is something that we have to consider whenever tooth problems exist. It is not at all difficult to find specialists that can carry out the procedure that you want and that will drastically improve your facial appearance. Just make sure that you work with one that has a lot of experience with the exact procedure that you want to go through. 

Guest Post :
Veselina Dzhingarova
Co-founder of Dzhingarov and writer at TravelTipsor.

Monday, June 13, 2016

This is a really good question. People often find motivation in various things when referring to why they do volunteer work. The number of possible reasons is very high. For instance, Dr Gregory’s Mission Trip To Honduras was solely based on a desire to help people that were not aware to deal with varicose veins in the country. This is a common reason why people want to help. They just want to aid those that cannot help themselves. However, other reasons can appear. 

In most cases we are faced with various benefits that are associated with doing volunteer work, benefits that many are not aware of. While volunteer work is normally all about helping others, the benefits that appear for the person that does the work are definitely really interesting and have to be understood. Broadening one’s horizon is normally possible as the opportunity is one that is unique. You basically get to use your knowledge to help and gain benefits for you, increasing self-confidence levels, among others. 

Getting Ready For Future Work

This is one reason why volunteer work has to be considered that many are not aware of. Unpaid community work can actually prepare you for the future occupation. While working is done as volunteers, qualifications can be achieved in a specific study field. Selfless work will benefit many others and the resume will be improved. The CV and job applications are going to be much better when volunteer work is added to the lists. 

No Job Related Restrictions

When you are paid for the work that you do there are some job restrictions that have to be respected. The unpaid staff members will end up enjoying a lot more freedom. This is really important as it helps to make new acquaintances and friends in the fields of activity that need to be followed. The main idea in this case is that networking is improved. You can so easily find people that will help you in the future with the work that you will do, which is highly important in most industries from around the world. 


There is a reason why they call it a job and why we use the term volunteer. One thing that you may not know is that the satisfaction you receive when you do volunteer work is much higher than when you just do your job. It is great to contribute to causes that are worthy for you. A broader life experience is practically gained and this will help you much more than what you think at the moment. 

Improved Skills And Experience

There are so many out there that do volunteer work in order to improve their skills in a specific job. That is definitely something you want to consider. The experience that is gained through volunteer work can be quite huge. See if there is a way to improve how good you are at a specific job through volunteer work. You will quickly figure out that there are more options available than what you may believe at first glance.

Guest Post :
Veselina Dzhingarova
Co-founder of Dzhingarov and writer at TravelTipsor.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world with an annual production of 23.37 million vehicles in FY 2014-15, following a growth of 8.68 per cent over the last year. India is a prominent auto exporter and has strong export growth expectations for the near future. In FY 2014-15, automobile exports grew by 15 per cent over the last year. In addition, several initiatives by the Government of India and some major investment by Big automobile players in the Indian market are expected to make India a leader in the Four Wheeler (4W) market in the world by 2020 and going by it, NISSAN is ensuring that there are no stones left unturned.
In India, style matters as much as comfort and when it comes owning a car a typical Indian
middle–class don’t want to comprise on any of it. Keeping this as their priority, many automobile giants are exploring all the possible ways to lure The Great Indian middle class. With the likes of Toyota with their Etios Cross, Fiat with Punto already trying to capture the market by providing a car which has style, comfort and also comes with reasonable price. Nissan on the other hand has come up with something which could prove to be a game changer and may give all its rival company a run for their money. Showcased in Auto expo 2014 in its concept and calling it India’s first ever Urban cross Nissan India is all set to launch the much-awaited Datsun Redi-Go hatchback in the country on June 7, 2016. The company has already started dispatching the vehicle to its dealerships across the nation. Prior to its launch, Datsun Redi-Go is making all the buzz with its fuel efficiency figure, powered by a 0.8-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine, the Datsun Redi-Go is claimed to offer an impressive mileage of 25.17kmpl. The company has also revealed that its small car will be offered in 5 colour options – White, Ruby Red, Silver, Lime and Bronze Gray.
The Red Redi-Go

Taking the youth of the country into consideration and trying to grab all their attention with the tag "Fun. Freedom. Confidence". The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun Redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback is priced starting just at 2.50Lakhs(Ex-showroom).To make it easier to access the company has also introduced a ‘Datsun India App’ that can be downloaded from Google Play store. This app not only provides latest news about the Redi-Go, but enables customers to book the car as well. Though I have not test drive the car myself, I have come across many reviews applauding this new beauty by Nissan.

Being from a middle class family by myself, I feel that what  makes the Redi-go more appealing to the Indians and make it sure shot winner in India in its category is its fuel-efficiency with Nissan claiming that it can offer an impressive mileage of 25.17kmpl which is best in the category.

Style matters and with the kind of forward styling you would find on a crossover, the Datsun Redi-GO is anything but conventional. With a wide, robust stance, you get impressive room and a sporty attitude. Compact & sleek, yet aggressive robust stance  - Created by agile dynamic cabin & robust under body construction. The bold and classy Datsun character grille speaks of its high quality. The gem-inspired chrome bezel and subtle honeycomb pattern perfectly frame the Datsun badge, symbolizing the great things still to come.
Yuhan Design

India moves with family and Nissan knows it very well, with seating for five along with space for luggage, one can bring the entire family, because there’s more than enough room for everyone.

We, Indians, make sure that when we spend ,we do it on the right things, with so much to offer and with a price starting from 2.50 Lakhs, Nissan Datsun Redi-Go is surely going to give a feel good feeling.

I would definitely like to test drive this beauty by myself and whenever I get a chance I would definitely like to go on a drive from my native place Guwahati to enchanting Shillong. With just 4.7-metres turning radius the new Redi-Go will be more than handy along the curves of Shillong.
Twist and Turn

Road to Shillong

Source and Pic Courtesy: Datsun Official site
Source and Pic Courtesy: IndiaCarNews
Source: Wikipedia