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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Digital India:A way to Better and Progressive India.

The race to become a Super Power is on and everyone country wants to join the Elite Super Power Club.India,considered to be the next big thing and is all set to join the elite club very soon along with the likes USA,Russia,China to mention a few.World-class Infrastructure,better roadways,high literacy rate,technological advancement,strong army strength(to mention a few) and number of nukes one posses determines a country's bid to be a superpower.Another factor which plays a important role in it is Internet and the country's Digital presence.Now a days with the evolution of Internet everything is going Digital and to an extent its helping making many thing more accessible and very easily available.Internet user in USA,consider to be the most powerful country in the world is around 83% whereas in India its merely 15%. Though India is steadily progressing at other aspect going Digital is one area to needs to be look down or monitor very closely and respective step should be taken on its behalf.As per 2013 according to World bank nearly about 68% of Indian population lives in Rural part.In places were one hardly have electricity and water to drink,the word Internet and the concept of digitalization seems alienated.India post independence is struggling in these prospect and major concern of all the previous government was to improve other primary needs and Internet was not to be found even in the secondary need list.But in recent times things seems to change a bit,with the new BJP government in power.By proving his mettle as the Chief Minister of Gujarat and providing free Wi-fi and 24*7 electricity to every corner of the state,Sri Narendra Modi sits at the helm of Indian Government now.One major problem every Indian faces is the opacity in different department and schemes of the Indian Government.In this fast running world where even a second counts,a whole day is wasted running from one government office to another in order to do some simple paperwork done.Taking all problems faced by general Indian citizen in mind,our prime minister Narendra Modi came up with a revised concept of E-Governance and Digital India.
Everyone has their own right to information and a well informed citizen lays the foundation of a growth prospective state.E-Governance is likely to be the best tool for it as it seeks to lay the foundation and provide the impetus for long-term growth within the country.E-Governance act as a medium in bringing both the government and citizen close to each other. Through E-Governance, government services are made available to citizens in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner.E-governance in India is core to Indian Government's plan in creating a Digitally enable India and providing information to every Indian at its fingertip.Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India. It aims at ensuring the government services are made available to citizens electronically by reducing paperwork. The initiative also includes plan to connect rural areas with high-speed Internet networks. Digital India has three core components. These include creation of digital infrastructure, delivering services digitally and digital literacy.The scheme is monitored and controlled by the Digital India Advisory group and is chaired by the Ministry of Communications and IT.Along with the government,many private players have also shown their interest in the initiative and are looking forward to be a part of it.Some work is done and with BBNL(a government agency) all set to connect 25000 villages with fast broadband by 2017 ,a lot more work is to be done.Though the initiative is facing many problems on the line of lack of legal framework, absence of privacy and data protection laws,civil liberties abuse possibilities,lack of parliamentary oversight for e-surveillance in India,lack of intelligence related reforms in India,insecure Indian cyberspace,etc the Government stands firm at its initiative and look forward in completing it by 2019.Moreover Indian Government has asked every Indian to be a part of this initiative and provide their valuable suggestions and feedbacks on it.More can be learned about it on http://digitalindiamib.com/ and at https://mygov.in/ .
Technology has a very important say in fulfilling a country's full potential and a country's development is directly proportional to technological development.Be it E-governance or Digital India initiative when consider from a technical prospective  heavily depends on technology any technological limitation may hamper this initiative and the goal may not be full achieved.Intel a very well known name,which is one of the biggest and top technology firm has come forward with helping hands and is fully committed in creating a digitally enabled India and is trying to come up with path breaking innovations and programs like ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India' to boost its bid for it.More can be learned about Intel and its other programs at http://www.intel.in/ .

                                #DigitalIndia is #ProgressiveIndia and #BetterIndia
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