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Thursday, March 5, 2015

After Rain Comes Sunshine...

India is a country where you first become Engineer  and then decide what next to do in life,the same happened with me.A First Class Bachelor Degree in Engineering from a state run Government College wasn't enough for me to land up a decent on campus job.With the ever rising competition it was very tough for an average student like me to crack any government exams and make it to the big PSU and higher education was definitely not in my cards for at least now.Sitting Idle at home after having a degree in Engineering is considered to be a taboo in Indian society and my case was no different as I was another victim of it.With every passing day from relatives to neighbors everyone had a say over my future,some showing concern and with rest all seeming sarcasm.With all this going around,life seemed dull with no ray of hope and frustration was at its peak.So like most students(esp.engineering background),I packed my bag and headed towards “The Silicon Valley of India” i.e. Bangalore.With IT companies all around it seemed that its a matter of time I would be working for any one of them.It was then when I was hit by a harsh reality of life.One Interview after another,with days turning into weeks and weeks into months and all I had was disappointment.Days from my past were coming back to haunt me when my relatives were constantly pressurizing me to take up CA as career option as according to them its hard to get a decent job after engineering now a days and here I am an unemployed engineer.And when I was running all out of hope on 16th October 2014 I received a Hall ticket from AMCAT to attend Accenture Interview which was to be held in VIT chennai and too add over it I already had 2 interviews schedule in Bangalore on 18th itself.So I was in big dilemma whether to attend 2 interview in Bangalore itself or go to chennai.So after making up my mind I decided to go Chennai and try my luck out there.I started on my journey from SBC railway station on 17th at 2pm and was expected to reach Chennai Central by 9pm but due to on going maintenance work on the railway track I finally got off the train at around 2 am with Chennai bathing in heavy rain.All I need after such hectic journey was some sound sleep before the interview and so I decided to look some room in the railway dormitory.With all trains delayed and heavy rain outside all the rooms of the dormitory were occupied.It was already 3 in the morning,so I decided to stay on the station for few hours.After battling for 3 hours with sleep at 6am I changed into my formal suits and started for VIT Chennai for my Interview.It was still raining Cats and Dogs in chennai and with no idea about the mode of transportation in Chennai,I decided to take an Auto direct to the venue.The heavy rain provided the auto drivers a golden chance to charge as much as they can from the by passers.After bargaining with almost a dozen of auto walas,I came to know that they were not my cup of tea and I should look after some other way.The rain was falling down heavily and with 1.30 hour left for my reporting at 8 am I decided to move on in the rain.After struggling to get any direction and after all drenched up in rain, I managed to catch a local train and thus finally reaching VIT at 7.45 am. After reaching I was like WTF!!! there were around 2000 aspirants all dress up tidily waiting to be part of a MNC to kick-start their career and there was I all soaked in rain.The registration started at around 8.30 and after that extra 30 mins were provided.Being hungry as hell,I managed to have a bowl of Maggi after waiting long in a queue.Finally the Procedure started and we were divided in a batch of five.At around 11 am after waiting for 1 hour very impatiently,we were called in the interview hall.The interview panel only consisted of 2 person and they asked us to sit according the number provided to us at the time of registration.Finally after formal intro the interview started with everyone of us shouting over voice in order to draw to draw the attention of the interviewer.The interview lasted for 1 hour and we were asked to leave and then starts an eternal wait for the results.We were asked to wait in the seminar hall for the announcement of the results after waiting for 1 more long hour the HR came and announced the name of the student selected and my name was not in it.I complete broke down and was about to leave with tears about to roll down,the HR asked us to wait few more mins as more results were awaited,another ray of hope.After 15 mins the HR again came and announced a set of names and my name not there too.When I was cursing my luck of not making it,the HR said that this students should leave as they could not make it and suddenly I was happy of not making into the list.After another 15 mins the HR was announcing another sets of names,with uncertainty at its peak I was not sure whether to expect my name in the list or  not.Amit Ray,Yes!!! she called my name and with all kind of uncertainty in my mind I confirmed whether it was really me by asking her my DOB and yes it was me.After calling out all the name the HR was silent,leaving all of us in complete dismay and all I could sense was nervousness in the air with around 1000 students anxiously waiting for their faith to be decided.

                                   “WELCOME TO ACCENTURE”
With these line the HR broke her silence and the room erupted in a cheer with me along with others don't know how to react.The rest 10 mins were all formalities regarding any queries and OL,but the tears of joy were already out.

No Rose without a Throne,life is full of ups and downs and we must be strong at our lowest time because this hard time prepare us for the future.Being optimist and taking every aspect of life as a lesson prepare us for future.I took a gamble and went to Chennai and it paid off,no matter the road was not easy but it was worth it.
I found my moment of joy in my first job selection while some find it in the laughter of their children, in the excitement on his/her pet's face when one get back after a long day, and in the smile of loved ones when one go back home after months of being away.Everyone wants to have their own house but for some its the only motive of their life,their sole dream and for that someone and many more Housing.com lays the perfect foundation stone.For all those who shares the same dream can have look at https://housing.com/lookup for more details.

Lastly,I can say is that optimism can be found all around,all we have to look for it and with strong determination try to craft our dream into reality.