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Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Talk,A lifetime.....

Michael J. Fox quoted that “Family is not an important thing. It's everything”.
From the birth of a child to his last day as an old man on his death day a person is surrounded by his family.A Family acts as a building block in a person's life and plays a major impact in determining what kind of person he will become.People come and go but family stays,one's family is the only real thing he has and rest all are materialistic.They will be out there sharing our joy and  happiness and sharing our pain in the time of difficulties.Everyone loves his family and every family member has a story to tell and  a lesson to teach about life.Like everyone else I too have a family and I love them very much.Though each and everyday spent with family is a special one,I remember an instance rather say a long conversation with my grandfather which got me so involved in it and became so close to my heart that I remember each and every word vividly till now and I guess will do it till my last breath.It was in 13th January 2009(Yes,I remember the date exactly),I was busy
preparing for my 12th board exams which was due sometime in Mid march.With the pressure of upcoming board exams and engineering entrance exam rising every passing day I was totally cut off from my family.Gone were the days when I used to sit with the whole family over a cup of evening tea and everyone used to discuss how's everyones day was but now coaching,mock test,late night study and the day pass by.It was at night soon after dinner my grandfather came to my room,he was inquiring about my studies and how were my preparation going.I assured him that everything was on course and I hope to secure good marks in the exam,he seemed more than happy.After some light talk he hesitantly asked he if I can lend him some time as he has something to tell me.I was very happy at it as I too needed some break from studies and he started by narrating a story rather his own story.He told that he was never a good student rather a below average student and studies never seemed appealing to him.He used to find every small reason to neglect it and finally after passing his 12th exam he left his study and joined his father business.At first everything seemed fine but soon he felt no interest in the family business.With less education he could not find a good job either that could satisfy him and moreover he could not stick to a work for long time.Seeing his condition his father offered him to set up him a business of his own.In sometime his business took off and soon he got married and had a son (my father),though he had no interest in the business,he had no option left with all the responsibility of the family upon him.Forty years later here he is saying this to me because leaving his study early was a big mistake that took him away from his dreams.Though he was happy with his family but giving up on his dream was one thing that really hurts him till now and he had repented it everyday and will do it till his last.It was around midnight when he ended his story and advising me to give my very best for the exam.Finally he reached out his kurta and took out a pen and handed it to me and then he apologies for taking my time for which I replied it was a moral booster for me and thanked him for his words and wished him goodnight.
My grandfather expired in January 2012 but I know where ever he is now he will be looking at me and blessing me.The conversation that I had with him and the pen that he gave me that night will always stay with me and will always be close to my heart.
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