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Friday, March 20, 2015

Access Denied!!!!

We live in a Democracy and our very own Constitution gives us very right to express ourself.A hell lot of things is going on these days from BBC's documentary on Nirbhaya Rape Case,Beef-Ban in Indian States,an elderly Nun Raped to a FB post mentioning UP minister Azam Khan resulting to jail.With the Indian government banning India's Daughter,a lot has been discussed over the future of Internet in India.With large number of sites(including porn sites and whistle-blower Savakku's site :p) getting banned, a lot has been criticized over Indian government's stand regarding the Internet censorship issue and a heavy comparison is drawn with China's policy.
With Internet spreading its wing slowly and steadily in India,social networking and blogging seems to be catching up.A blog seems to provide a ideal platform for one to open up his mind and share his/her views and make it available to the mass.Be it a FB post,a 140 character tweet or a much evaluated blog everyone has its own way or right to express and open up.But to many dismay one have to think hundreds of time before posting something over the World Wide web because one never know how would other take it.Number of cases from the shiv seniks bursting into a girl's house who questioned late Shiva Sena's Supremo Bal Thackerays status over internet to the very recent jailing of a 19 years old student over a post has been rising very rapidly.On one hand where the Government is speaking very highly over its Digital India Initiative its handling of the sensitive issue has a very different story to tell.Internet has become a very important tool and blogging has become a great medium to share views but with current situation there is certainly a hint of fear in a blogger's mind when one thinks to air his/her views on the policies of the government or related stuff as you never know when there will be a backlash.