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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Love Untold...

Go talk to her , You Ass!!!, said Mrinal for the millionth time to Rahul.

Rahul: You know I won’t so stop nagging about it.
Mrinal: Why on Earth you won’t? You have been following her from the very  first day you saw her in college and its been 2 years, you have not spoken a single word with her, get some balls dude!
Rahul: I actually have two, anyways I did speak to her, actually she did.
Mrinal: When and how come I don’t know about it?
Rahul: It was last month during the college festival. On my way back to hostel we crossed path and she checked whether some event have started yet?
Mrinal: What do you say?
Rahul: What do you expect me to say??? I said you must hurry up its about to start.
Mrinal(excited): See that means She knows you, now you should definitely approach her.
Rahul:  Facebook Messenger doesn’t agree with you, my friend.
Mrinal: Chuck Facebook, come out of your virtual world dude.
Rahul: Not making fool of me anymore.
Mrinal: Useless saying you anything.

Six months later, College farewell…
Mrinal: Today is her last day at college it’s now or never, Go talk to her.
Rahul: Did you look at her? She looks heavenly in her blue saree.
Mrinal: Are you even listening to whatever I am saying?
Rahul: Sorry what were you saying?
Mrinal: Get lost!
Rahul(laughing): Look at her  man she seems so happy surrounded by juniors and her batch mates, just don’t want to ruin the night for her.
Mrinal: Don’t ever fucking talk to me about her again.

Later that night…

What if Mrinal was right? What if I will never ever  see her again?? Did I miss my chance, Should I had approach her???

These were some question bothering Rahul  as he laid over his bed in his hostel room  looking blankly at the ceiling. He suddenly got up, reached up for his laptop over the adjacent table and opens his Facebook account. His Facebook   newsfeed was full of photos of college farewell  from morning and amidst all this  was her photo in blue saree appearing . The next moment he was pinging her over messenger for the hundredth time hoping to get lucky finally this time.

Facebook Messenger

Rahul: Hi! You looked great in that Blue Saree today :)
Sayantani is typing….

The End.