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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Orkut:Once a dear friend,now a distant memory....

For me it all started in the summer of 2007,when one of my friend introduce me to a whole new world of social networking,he introduce me to Orkut.From connecting with old friends to making some new ones,sending scraps,to evaluating/rating friends profile and changing themes,it became the next big thing.In a post by Google it said that Orkut helped shape life online before people really knew what ‘social networking’ was”,it started conversations, and forged connections, that had never existed before and indeed it was true.
Launched on 24th January 2004 as Google’s first foray into social networking,it was named after its creator a former Stanford graduate and google employee Orkut Buyukkokten.Though it never happened to create a big impact globally,it was working wonders in country like Brazil and India where in 2008 it became the most visited site.Unfortunately for Orkut it was also that time when another social networking site called Facebook was picking up its pace and as one can see always see it coming, one of the biggest migration in the history of mankind from Orkut to Facebook happened.Once a jam packed place,now a barren land,Google came up with many schemes to revive it but all in vain,by then Facebook has captured the whole world of social networking.In june 2011,Google began its second innings in the world of Social networking and with the aim of dethroning facebook by introducing Google+(plus).
In July,2014  it was announced in a blog post, Google will shut down Orkut in September of 2014 and focus on Google plus,later it was confirmed that it will be on 30th September when Orkut will officially go down.
One can login into Orkut today for the last time and take a dip into nostalgia with their very first experience to social networking with a option to connect their account to google + and export all their photos,scraps...
Here's the official guidelines for the exporting their account.
Lastly,I would say that I enjoyed every bit of time with you whole heartedly and had great fun,but now its time to give you a farewell...

                                        "GOODBYE ORKUT,REST IN PEACE"