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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

India:A Multination


From our primary classes we had been regularly taught that India is a secular country,apart from being the largest democracy.With a total of 29 states and 7 UTs,India always followed an one and all concept of “Unity in Diversity” or rather we are made to believe that.The biggest irony is that the whole concept of Unity can now only be found in mere writings largely in textbooks.Over the past 3-2 decades India has witnessed a drastic change in its internal as well as external scenario(which is not my concern here). India which we once consider as one united kingdom,now has been divided into numerous different states who does not share a healthy relation among themselves.The reason at grassroots level for such situation is the inability of the Central Government to pay equal attention to each and every state in India and thus resulting into the formation of more and more regional political parties and militants groups demanding right for their states. Staying in power at the top level and filing their own pockets by favoring the top corporate honchos has become the only motive for the ministers. One of the important factor that leads to favoritism among the states is the uneven division of the lok sabha seats. Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with almost 1/5th of the total seats in the lower house has become the main center of attraction for all the political parties.A good show in polls in these states and you are in control of the entire country. With this division of seat, states from North East India which contribute small portion to the total seats and militant prone state like Jammu and Kashmir are neglected because it does not contribute much to their political ambitions.One of the other factor that is leading to this division of our country is the incapability of the central government to solve the difference between ststes over a common issue.the on going krishna -godavari water sharing dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is a perfect example of it. India has always been a country were people from different etnics ,culture,race,colours lived in peace in the past.But are we sticking to it now,I am afraid but the answer would be a Big No. Everyday we come across news that a student from North East being question about his nationality , molested and even beaten to death.May it be Delhi,Mumbai or any other state,We are the citizen of India first then the state and no he/she can take away this right of ours. Another factor that comes into my mind is the enforcement of regional language,I agree by the fact that everyone should take pride in his/ her native language but why to force it on other and student of india I.e the buiding blocks of our nation are highly impacted by it.A student from punjab studying in South India is been told by his professor to learn the regional language if he want to understand clearly in the class, “yeh kaissi baat hui bhai”???. A person's lack of knowedge regarding their own country is one thing that has shocked me in the recent past,with people asking me some insane question like “Guwahati to Bengal mein hain na”??, Tripura being the capital of Guwahati , to mention a few decent one and I would like to pass on by it.
Its not like that we are always busy fighting with each other,people of India irrespective of state,culture from time to time have complemented each other by stanting other may it be the Nirbhaya case or the recent Jadhavpur University case,its that we need to be consistent.Lastly I conclude on a note the these are few among many factor s that are needed to be sorted out because this attitude of ours once led to annexation of our country in the hands of a foriegner and thus 200 years of darkness. So we should always take our stand and a stick to a single motto-

                               “ UNITED WE STAND ,DIVIDED WE FALL”


  1. Babe you are one frustrated Indian. Chil maaro thoda sa. Only at times of adversity the best comes out in people eg the Kashmir floods, so whatever the situation humanity will never die and come out stronger uniting people across religion, race, caste, creed etc

  2. yes its a fact indeed that India is based on secularism following the motto "unity in diversity". In reality it all vague!! blame it to the fiendish government both Centre and State, to the hoaxed corporate honchus, to the unruly teacher traumatising the innocents, to to the unsolved mystery of lame judgements given to the horny rapists, to the negligence of people's knowledge of their own territory ; its all a fiasco until n unless its been opposed, it being reverted with strong justification and that carries a sound sense of viability in the approaches. People says and even the lame State govt. complains about NER being bridged from rests of India. I dont know to how far its true but yes I can say If NE itself lags behind in its stand then situation can be more critical. water dispute issues say your example itself is being highlighted. But what about the prolonged issue related to Brahmaputra river. Never taken into consideration. But yet they say "NER a wonder endowed with enormous resources", but always neglected.Nobody is finding a solution why people keep migrating to other metro cities to gain exposure , good job ! Ofcourse its the govt. portfolio to take up such issues but if we ourselve wont complain where the problem we are facing, How come such issues will be highlighted?? If its getting difficult for the Govt. to control n perch all the responsibilities at the same time, Why dont they switch to some efficient alternatives like research hubs, open public view platforms to really take up such matters. And unless you see things as an altruist , you gain nothing. Because there are pros n cons everywhere like u said some pp oblivion of the knowledge where ghy lies or like where is ghy exactly is? oh its a city in? just hokum queries. If one wants to develop n regain its field again one has to refurnish it. NE do exists n yet breathing with full valves but its lacking oxygen and at this its not teh Govt. to be blamed fully. In some corner or the other we youngsters are responsible too, we the public the most responsible for such deterioration. Thanks to Modi for the concept of "Make in India", But I doubt How far Assam n Ner will be benefitted. I forbid nothing goes wrong n the left out feeling once again should not be poppd in. Lets be optimistic as being positive is always the path to growth n success. N yes to make all this a grand success we seriously need to stick to the motto of "united we stand divided we fall"