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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"An Idea Can Change Your Life":5 interesting Indian Start-Ups

"An Idea Can Change Your Life".No I am not here to promote Idea communications,even though I am Idea user by myself.As Earl Nightengale said "Everything begins with an idea." It was an idea that led to the likes flipkart and Snapdeal to mention few take over Indian markets. Though the Idea of Startups is not new,but it is in recent times it has picked some great deal of pace.From being totally crazy to highly sophisticated,If you have an idea that no one has dare to come up with,then my friend you can be rich soon.With the likes of big MNC investing in startups,it is very soon to become a trend.
Here it is my list of 5 Indian Starups that has been able to create some buzz in the market(Random order):
1. Birds Eye System:Founded in 23 Dec, 2013 by Ravi Khemani, Brijraj Vaghani. The idea behind Birds Eye System's flagship product, Traffline, is to provide real time traffic information on the roads. The information is provided across all medium like web, applications, SMS, email, social media and call center. The company has started off with providing real time road traffic information and will evolve to other types of information that users need on the road.

2. Instamojo:Founded by Aditya Sengupta, Akash Gehani, Harshad Sharma and Sampad Swain.Unlike OLX an Quikr it is a platform to sell digital product like an E-book or Digital music only,one has to do is register and put a link to his digital products.

3. Lost Beat: Founded by Abhay and Akshay Purthi alongwith their friend Ashish Goel,Lost Beat is a musical networking platform that aims at establishing an identity and creating a brand out of musicians—promoting raw and original talent rather than commercial music.It is a community of talented people who have still not been recognized by the general public. It is a virtual space where musicians can connect to fellow musicians, their fans and an ocean of opportunities to make it big in the music.

4. Frilp:It has been creating a lot of buzz with Google announcing it in under their mentor ship program.Founded by Shyam Anandaram along with his 6 other friends,Frilp—short for Friend's Help—is a social platform to discover shopping venues, businesses and services through personalized recommendations from your friends and trusted circle. Inspired by the way information gets passed over in real world, Frilp is built to counter information overload and offer better insight. Frilp identifies the right people in your network who are most likely to help you with the recommendation you are looking for while surfacing relevant recommendations for you to consume instantly.

5.Healtkart:Founded by  Sameer Maheshwari and Prashant Tandon,its one of his kind in India with being an one stop online portal for A to Z medical needs.
So next time if you come up with some idea,think on it agai and again because

                                        "An Idea Can Change Your Life"