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Friday, November 14, 2014


Welcome to the 21st century where inter caste marriage is slowly if not at a velocious rate becoming a non issue . But still a lot of stigmas are associated with inter caste marriages. Still many families and the society in particular do not approve of inter caste marriages and thus leading to honour killing. Honour killing of couples goes on in various states of India, though their is nothing to honour about so called “honour killing”.
Everyone knows that India is a diverse land that swank of having different culture, traditions and religions,but what is the point of having such different variety when people just cannot digest the very thought of their integration. Also one of the best solution to stop racial discrimination according to region , religion , caste, etc I belief is the amalgamation of different caste in the form of marriage. It will also help the next progeny to learn two different cultures and values which will help them to become better human beings. Their is something for every one of us to learn from different cultures and as Indians we must feel proud of having such a strong traditional backbone with us.
For those who belief that Inter caste marriage is prohibited according to our traditions I would like to bring to your understanding that the holy book of Hindus “The Gita “ Lord Krishna does not say anything against inter caste marriages. Infact Lord Krishna says that a person is qualified to a caste according to two qualities. 
1. Guna (personal quality).
2. Karma (aptitude for a particular type of work). 
He makes no mention of Varna (caste) being determined by birth.
So we should make our choices not on the basis of to whom she or he was born but on his/her personal quality. This attitude of specially our younger generation will make india a much stronger country and will take India to new heights.

Article Courtesy- Partha Pratim Bhuyan