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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Club 27:The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll

I always wanted to write on it,and there could be no better day tan today to pen down something on it. Today i.e 8th December when the whole world is remembering the Wild Child JIM MORRISON on his birthday,i look into something with which he has been associated right after his death at the age of  27 and that is CLUB 27.
Human dies at all ages,but there is a statistical spike for musician who die at 27. The Club 27 is a phenomenon depicting that most of the rockstar are likely to die at the age of 27. At first it may seem to be a bit illogical,but when we look deep into it,simply its one the many things around that can be ignored. Music is life,music is divine and anyone associated with it can’t escape the limelight it brings upon oneself.The formation of the Club 27 is credited to the death of Kurt Cobain about two and half decades after the death of famous musician namely Jimi Hendrix,Jim Morrison,Brian Jones within small period at the age of 27.The official list CLUB 27 consists of 6 members and the unofficial goes upto 42.The latest entrant to the list of 27 was in 2011,when famous pop singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her house. The club was always in speculation right after its creation sometimes due to new entrants and most of the time due to the conspiracy theories behind the death of its members.One of the most famous among them was the White Lighter theory,suggesting that carrying a lighter that to in white was not safe for musicians highlighting that most of the remembers of the club had a white lighter by their side. The common thing in the deaths of its members was that none on them died due to natural cause,most of them due to influence of alcohols and drugs with Kurt the only exceptions who shot himself down under the influence of heroine.
Medical Science has never given its regards to the club and dismissing any suggestion that musician are likely to die at 27.It simply states that the club mostly consists of those people who were thrown to the limelight at very small age ,and to cope up of with their fame they came into the grip of drugs and soon it became their obsession and ultimately led to their deaths.common example given by them included Sir Eton John,Paul Harrison,Mick Jagger,Steve Tyler who still enjoys legendary status post 27.

Dying at the age of 27 is a great career move, it can make you legend posthumously.For me it is FOREVER 27,as it consists the talented KURT COBAIN.
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