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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Aur Yuhi....

Phone Beeps…
Akash reaches out for his phone and it was a text from Bhoomi
The Text message reads “ I Miss You!!!”
Phone Beeps Again…
It was another text from Bhoomi
The Text message reads “ Sorry, it was not meant for you, went by mistake.Ignore it."

One week back...

Bhoomi: Will you stop doing this anymore? Things have changed
 Akash: Doing what?
Bhoomi: Don't pretend, you know what I am talking about.
Akash: I am trying, It's not easy for me.
Bhoomi: Not easy for you? Like we did have something very special.
Akash: It may not be for you but for me its a big deal.
Bhoomi: Oh please, I just had a crush on you and like any straight forward person I expressed myself.
Akash: So Selfish of you, so my feelings were never in concern of you, it was only You never us from the start.
Bhoomi: How dare you say that? Whatever we had, the thing, It's over.
Akash: You don't get to decide everything Ms. Bhoomi Sachdev, at least for God sake have some respect for my feelings, I really loved you and will always do.

Two months back…

Akash: Why are you ignoring me? I am not getting it?
Bhoomi: No, I am not, I don’t know what made you say that.
Akash: Oh C’mon, I am not that stupid, it's totally in front of my eyes.
Bhoomi: Cut the crap, I don’t want to talk about it.
Akash: All of a sudden you stopped talking over the phone and now you don’t want to talk about it anymore.
Bhoomi: Don’t makeup things of your own and If you think I am ignoring you, let it be that way then.
Akash: Fine then, do whatever you want. 

5 months back…

Bhoomi: I think we should stop talking over the phone this much anyways we see each other in the office every day.
Akash: That’s not enough for me, I can look at you 24*7. BTW why this all of sudden?
Bhoomi: Nothing in particular just saying.
Akash: okay
Bhoomi: What if I stop talking to you?
Akash: Why would you do that? You are making me shit my pants now :P
Bhoomi: Akash, Please, can you be serious for some time.
Akash: I am all yours Ma’am say
Bhoomi: What say? It's all clear even you know what’s coming. It's impossible for us to be together, the future clearly doesn't hold us.
Akash: Future? We are Happy in the present and let it be, why to complicate things.
Bhoomi(hanging up the call): You can but I can't.

Present day…

Akash(replying to Bhoomi’s text):  No problem, I can understand, it was never me.
Message sent…

Phone Beeps again….

One Text message from Bhoomi…

Note: This is second in the series, Please do read about Akash and Bhoomi and how does this all start
Aur Ek Din....