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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Scotch,The Stars The Event:World Whiskey Day

      “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”
                                                                                                  -Mark Twain

21st of May is celeberated as Whiskey Day worldwide and to commemorate this occasion United Spirits Limited-Diageo organised an event .With the people,the enthusiasm there could not have been any other better place than Namma Bengaluru for the event. And Yes my friend, I, too, was invited to cover up the event for my blog.
The Invite
The Event:

#LoveScotch is about empowering people to express their passion, embolden existing ambassadors and inspire those who are new to whisky, creating a movement across the globe for people to share how they enjoy their dram. 
The Initiation:
I started for the event at around 4.30pm and reached Shangri-La Hotel at 5.30 pm.The event started around 5.45pm with Canadian Super Model Coco Rocha,the Global Ambassador of the LoveScotch  event , first to arrive. Being the Global Ambassador of the event,Coco came directly from Manila after attending Love scotch event there.Next on the list to arrive was the ever charming Mandira Bedi and she looked the same she did way back in DDLJ, I guess she never aged. Soon she was followed by the Man of the Moment Randeep Hooda and Dino Morea.There was a photo session with the guests and how can I miss my chances to be clicked them.
The Thing

The Love:

As the event was on and because of World Whiskey Day and what was better than asking the Celebs about their favourite drinks and I started off with the lovely Coco.
With Coco Rocha
Me:Hey Coco,You look stunning,You had been the Global Ambassador of the event,firstly Manila then Bengaluru where’s next?
Coco:Hi..Thank you very much.Yes Manila was fun and I am hoping for a better time in Bengaluru.Firstly I will be heading back home as I have a small baby to look after and lets see what plans chalk out next.
Me:As today is the World Whiskey Day,Whats your favourite of the list?
Coco:My personal favourite is Ginger Ale with Johnnie Walker .
Me:What’s you connection with scoth and what makes you like it the most?
Coco:My Dad’s an Englishman and he had a bar at home,I guess that answers the first part.And what makes me like it is the Smokiness and the texture.
Me:Thank you very much Coco,It was nice meeting you.
Coco:Thank you very much,same here.

The next on the list was Mandira…
With Mandira Bedi

Me:Hi.. Mandira,You look gorgeous!!!
Mandira:Thank you.
Me:What’s you favourite scotch?
Mandira:I would definitely  say it's Single Malt Singleton.
Me:So do you have any story behind your scotch love?
Mandira:My Father is Sardar and everyday he had a custom sort of thing Baraf(ice),Paani(water) and  Soda .Now, you know where from the scotch love came from.Even now when I visit my Dad we sit together over a peg of whiskey and talk around,as my brother is not much into it I would rather say I am the son my father never had :D
Me:Apart from Singleton what else,cocktails?
Mandira:No cocktails please.I enjoy Vodka and like Johnnie Walker too.I am looking forward to trying Smokie Cookie tonight.
Me:Thank you Mandira,nice talking to you.
Mandira:Thank you

Next Up Randeep Hooda…
With Randeep Hooda

Randeep:Hey.. how are you man?
Me: I am fine,how are you?
Randeep:I am doing great.
Me:So Randeep,I have two  quick questions for you.
Me:I have read it somwhere that you are an active blogger yourself but you posted last back in 2013.
Randeep:Yes,I used to blog and I am getting lots of work now a days(wink;) so I am not getting enough time for it.
Me:Being a scotch lover yourself whats’s you favourite?
Randeep:Black Dogs on the rocks any day,I also like Johnnie Walker, the aroma it grips you from beneath.
Me:Thanks Randeep.
Randeep:Thank you.

The Italian Hunk..Dino Morea
With Dino Morea

Me:Hey Dino,How are you?
Dino:Hey Bro,I am good,How are you doing?
Me: Going great,You are a Bangalorean,what is the best thing you like about Bangalore apart from the weather ofcourse?
Dino:What not? I grew up in this place its my home and there is hardly any part of your home you don’t like.
Me:So true,So Dino whats your favourite scotch?
Dino:Its Black and White mate..BLACK AND WHITE.
Me:Thanks Dino
Dino:Thanks Bro.

Rajiv Mehta ,CEO, Arvind Fashion Brands & Arvind Sports Lifestyle,another A-lister of the event was late but he did manage to share his love for scotch and the romance with it that started from his B-School. His favourite Scotch is Double Black and he loves to have it with Thums Up. He said, “Thums Up and Scotch ,a briiliant combination.

The event
After the Interaction it was time to offically mark the event open and with  Randeep,Dino avail themselves for  Bartending with the two lovely ladies following.They seemed to be enjoying  very much of it with Randeep even making a drink which he called HOOO-DAAAAA :D
The Bartenders

Pub Crawling…
At Skyye Bar

The next stop was Skyye Bar & Lounge,UB City and a luxurious Bus was arranged by the organiser  for us from the Hotel to UB City.Skyye bar was as happening as it is always with colourful lights and beautiful ladies all around.We had one more session of Drink making  with celebs with Mandira doing the Bartending here which was soon followed by another session in Sancho’s with CoCo as the bartender.

I had a wonderful time around with the Celebs,the people around and overall it was one hell of a great event by United Spirits.I hope that they keeping organising many such event and keep inviting me too :D.I would also like to thank Mr.Manish Pandey,R SQUARE Consulting Services Pvt.Ltd, for  inviting me to cover up the event for my blog.

For all you Scotch lovers...Do share your list of favourite scotch but till then #LOVESCOTCH