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Monday, February 29, 2016

Read and Goodreads:A Journey into Books

Its always good when we meet someone who shares the same interest and zeal in doing something that you like.Definitely it gives one a great pleasure knowing that he is not the only one out there and there are people with whom he can relate to.Moreover meeting such person helps in one thing or other,it makes one's pursuit in his/her interest rather more defining.My interest rather I would say relationship with books as just like any boyfriend-girlfriend type(of course I am the man in it :D) with two different switching mode ON-OFF. 

It all started in primary school when we used to have Adventures of Tom Sawyer,David Copperfield foe our English reader. By the time I was in middle school I was all into the stuffs like Hardy Boys,Goosebumps and Famous five.I tried reading Harry Potter,Eragon but was always used get lost in the pages and what was back to usual reads.Though I visited all the Book fair that came to my city with my parents(Till date I do ) I used to get only the Quiz and Current Affairs book.It was only in High school when I was truly exposed to the world of literature.Seeing my fellow read stuff like LOTR,The Godfather,Dan Brown was something I was never used to and called it my envy(In an good sense though) I was all pumped up to move to the next level.It started off with Man Booker Prize winner Arvind Adiga's The White Tiger with no hard copy I gave it a read over my classic Sony Ericsson.It was different from all that I have read before and it was start of never ending journey(with some halt,of course). Da Vinci Code,Angel and Demons,Deception point,Great Gatsby all in a flow.Yes I forgot to mention the Likes of Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta that made me realize what I was missing on with their out of the world typical Bollywood novels(I did enjoy reading Five point Someone and 2 states though). Till that time Indian authors for me were only limited to CB,DD and Ravinder Singh until one of my gave me a copy of Calcutta Chromosome By Amitav Ghosh and it was my first dive into World of Indian Literature.

Goodreads,a social network for book lover was not that alien to me but it was never appealing until 2014.While I was scrolling the site I stumble upon the the Goodreads Book Challenge 2014 and I kinda love the concept where one can set the number of books he/she will read for that year and constantly monitoring and updating their status.I was late in 2014 so I decided to take up the challenge in 2015 and being true to my commitments I did took up the challenge and did set a target of 12 books. At first, 12 book a year i.e. 1 book a month did not seemed that hard as now I was into reading on regularly.Slowly it became tough to cope up with it and by September,I was six book behind schedule.My friend Animesh who himself took up the challenge  kept on pushing me to complete the challenge and it  helped me to some extent and finally on 30th December I completed my 12th book,The Old man and the Sea.This year too I am up with the Challenge and set a goal of 12 books for me and as of now it seems to be going very smooth. 

Lately I realized that Books are an escape to the world we always wanted to be in.They make one transform into a better being and has lots to teach to everyone.Every time a get some spare time.I look out for a bookstore and head towards it.All I want to do is being surrounded by books every time and it gives me some kind a satisfaction
and peace.

I would end up quoting Ernest Hemingway “There is no friend as loyal as a book” and I could not agree much on it.For all who are missing out on this friend its never late to start up.