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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


After a busy and tedious one and half month and so.... I am back to blogging again.
The much debated and most talked event in India at this present moment i.e. the 16th Lok Sabha elections are on.The largest democracy in the world is all geared up to elect its new government.The elections are held in 9 phases all over India and the battle of ballots commenced on 7th of April and will end on 12th of May.The dates on which elections were and will be held are 7th,9th,10th,12th,17th,24th,30th of April and 7th,12th of May 2014.The total number of voters registered in this elections are 81.4 crores out of which about 9 crores are new voters.The total number of constituencies all over India is 543. .
For the first time in the history of India the elections are fought on US presidential style with the political debates and prime ministrial nominees and all.While the BJP had named their prime ministerial candidate as Narendra Modi but on the other side the Congress refrained from naming their prince Rahul Gandhi as their prime ministerial candidate.Despite of no official confirmation from the congress the media has already declared it as the RAGA vs NAMO battle.
At the moment the most significant question is wheter the present 10 year old Manmohan Singh cum Sonia gandhi led Congress government which is drowned in corruption,price rise and scams would be able to retain power or whether the rejunaveted BJP under the Modi wave can roll the dice in its favour.Come Elections and every one is ready with their opinion polls from your parents to your uncle aunties,friends,arstrologers and on the big scale the media every one has the secret to that magic 272 no.If we go by the opinion polls it seems BJP is the clear favourite to sweep the elections while the Congress without its allies will be down to mere double digits.
As there is a twist to every hit stories,this one is no exceptions.One man who can ruin BJP chances of getting a clear majority is the Aam Aadmi Party supremo and ex Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal,fondly called AK by his followers.Hence for BJP to form government they have to virtually sweep the northern and western part of India as they have little presence at the southern and eastern part of the country . No this is no the end of the story another major problem the BJP will face to form government, is to find allies who are willing to support a NAMO led government if the BJP themselves do not get the clear majority since Narendra Modi is hugely criticised by other parties for his role on the 2002 Gujarat riots.And to add to the misery of both the congress and the bjp is the virtual third front i.e. the cluster of the regional parties like DMK,AIDMK,SP,RJD,NCP,JDU,BSP,TMC,etc. that will have an impact on the 2014 Lok Sabha elections .
Also this time the fate of parties will depend upon the politically sane young voters of India as there are about nine crores new voters registerd for this years Lok Sabha elections.
Will it be ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR or the CONGRESS KA HAATH will represent its bid for the 3rd consecutive term and with much going around the RISE OF A DARK KNIGHT can be taken into account.The results will be out on 16th of May and till then “THE BILLION VOTERS” will have to wait to see which party comes to power.